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I joined senior pen pals but where do I get to the list of people I can e mail?

where do I get to the list of senior pen pals I can email. I cannot find a list anywhere on this site.

Wendy: Here is the safe Retirement Community where you can now find pals.
Senior Pen Pals!

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by: Laila​

Hello, my name is Laila, I'm Thai and I live in Thailand. I'm a little lonely because I'm usually not good at speaking. friendly and polite I moved to a small countryside In Chaiyaphum, Thailand, I don't have any friends. So I would like to have a good friendship with the people of your country. I'd love to have a friend to email me and talk and share about my culture, music, hobbies, or everyday life. Anyone interested can email

hard to find on page list of pen pals
by: Anonymous

i agree with the writer who said it is hard to find the list of pen pals. I know there are several directions to get to sites but when one gets there I cannot see any signs of a list of pen pals- everytime I go into Wendys retirement I spend such a long time looking for future pen pals and then give up as I dont find any.

Senior Pen Pals
by: Wendy

I'm sorry you don't like the new system.. many others do! I cannot continue to publish ads on the internet where scammers are sending nasty emails to seniors. Sorry -- just can't do that.

If you want to take the email course on How to find senior pals on this site please do so. I explain step by step.

You also might consider registering to join my
Retirement Community. There are 1200+ seniors there. You can chat there, privately email or write in groups based on your interests, visit the PEN PAL group, or visit the MEMBER tab and do a search for a specific interest or location. It IS safe. I personally approve every senior into the group and will delete anyone, when necessary1

Seeking e-pals
by: Lois

I, like Goldie, find this site difficult to navigate and find e-pals. I live in the Puget Sound area of Washington State and really liked it back in the days when lists of people seeking e-pals was listed on the web so I could write to them. I still have several pen pals from those days but this way of doing things is daunting and difficult to find people to write to one on one.

I live in a retirement community with my small dog and spend a lot of time on the computer. My main interests are reading but I enjoying taking one major trip a year although those days are coming to an end since I am now 76.

by: Goldie

Please tell us about will find lots of email friends here!

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