Senior Womens Shoes

by Wendy

Sketchers Brand, Mom likes these.

Sketchers Brand, Mom likes these.

Weird topic? Yeah, Maybe....

My mother is always searching for shoes that feel good. She will be 90 in August, has arthritis (don't most of us), needs a high arch, and comfy shoes.

I always try to bend the sole to see if its flexible, and to find a spongy bottom to absorb the shock of everyday walking.

She still wants to be relatively stylish, no orthopedic shoes for my mom... but this is really difficult and she needs new shoes!

Looking for any suggestions from readers. Do you use a specific brand of shoes? WHY? Can you describe your normal everday shoe (or even upload a quick photo)? Athletic shoes? Dressier shoes? Sandals for summer? Anyone?

I know this sounds totally silly,... but I will look online for any brands you offer so that maybe we can hone in on something she likes then deliberately look for that brand or style.

Would really appreciate suggestions...

This is Sketchers brand from Amazon, click to read more.

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Senior Womens Shoes
by: Anonymous

I would recommend two things;

1. Have custom made orthotics made for your feet. There are companies that specialize in then i.e. a kit that you order, press your foot into to create the mold, and they make them and send you the finished product.

2. Try Ecco brand shoes. They are fantastic. With the orthotics inserted into the shoe, mother should be very balanced and Ecco has not only gym styled shoes, but stylish low heeled pumps, etc that mother would feel lovely wearing. I think Ecco can be purchased on Amazon website.

Worth a try and you are lucky to have your mother with you still wanting to look good and move around at 90!!!!! Blessings to you both

Senior Shoes
by: Donna B.

You wanted comments on senior shoes. What a great subject! I'm all about comfort for the feet without looking old ladyish. After years of wearing heels, it's time to treat my feet well and be comfortable.

I fell in love with ASICS about 10 years ago when I started a walking program. I went to a pro shoe store and tried on different brands. I learned a lot about feet, shoes, and differences among people. Seems to me that certain brands work best for some people. For instance, I've tried on a lot of Natural Balance, and not one worked for me. But most Asics did (although they're not all appropriate for me).

My foot is a C width, and I need LOTS of cushioning and good arch support. I have a neutral gait (no pronation). ASICS Cumulus model works well for me. They're a bit pricey, so I buy on sale.

Asics Nimbus is a step up, with the most cushioning of Asics models. The sole is sort of thick, though, so a bit clunky looking, but still cool. And it's overpriced, IMO. All the Asics I've tried on seem to hug the foot well and support the arch very well. It can be challenging to find one that's more sedate in color; Asics tends toward wild color schemes.

I also wear a pair of NIKE athletic shoes that I got on a great sale a few years ago. I wear them for my walking program off and on. They didn't seem cushiony enough or anything special when I bought them, but they have turned out to be great at cushioning and support.

For casual wear, I wear Saucony (an inexpensive, cushiony brand that has a generous forefoot & toe area usually). I also have one of ASICS' lower end models for casual wear, as well as a black pair of NIKE. Nikes run narrower than some other brands. ASICS run a tad wider than most other brands.

For loafers to wear with pants, I discovered and fell in love with Cobb Hill and Clark's Shoes. COBB HILL has a great loafer with a bit of a chunk heel. It has great cushioning and plenty of room for toes, while giving good support. Clark's can be hit or miss, but I've gotten several shoes that I love, all supportive and comfortable. I wore Clark's at work, with no foot discomfort at all after wearing them all day.

I have one pair of shoes that look like old lady shoes. They're SAS brand. I think of them as my Snuffy Smith shoes. I don't wear them when I might see anyone I know. They are the lace-up model, flat, leather with I guess a rubber sole? They are supportive and have extra room for the toes (that's the Snuffy Smith part). They're not good for my walking program, but good for running errands.

Womens shoes
by: Dean/Tennessee

My wife has high arches and arthritis and she loves Sketchers Go Walk shoes. She has several pairs.

Beware of Bigfoot!
by: Sheila in Canada


I read a short article the other day that finally confirmed my worst suspicions. Motherhood makes your feet bigger.

The article didn’t say why motherhood makes your feet bigger, which I find very annoying. I always like to know the reason behind things, even though it doesn’t make a tad of difference in the long run. And I do mean long.

My feet have always been long. My own mother once threatened to have my big toes cropped when she couldn’t find shoes to fit me. I, being of a literal mind, thought she meant it, and wept loud and long until a well-meaning aunt took over the task of taking me to buy shoes. She had a formula she used when things didn’t go her way. She simply put a spell on whatever it was by waving her hands over the offending object and chanting the word "Kibosh!" It always worked because magic always does for a child who believes. And I believed.

Ergo, I often wore shoes that were too small for me. Also ergo, my toes grew bent. Probably just as well. If they grew straight, then goodness knows what size my feet would be now. Shudder!

However, back to my subject. After giving the matter of big-footed mamas some thought, I decided it was because of all that weight we moms carry around before our babies are born. Gravity takes its toll and our poor feet flatten and lengthen and there’s not a thing we can do about it. Except have our toes truncated, of course.

Come to think of it, having big feet has its compensations. It helps keep us firmly on the ground, which in a parent is eminently desirable. As well as longer feet, motherhood tends to give us larger bodies, so that we hesitate to go flying off the handle when the kids drive us up the wall. There’s something ridiculous about a large, flat-footed woman whirling dervish-like about the kitchen, flailing a rubber spatula at all within reaching distance, merely because her child said "Why?’. Of course, if it was the 12th "why" within 30 seconds, one can forgive her. But who can take her seriously?

Now, anyone who knows me also knows it’s been a long time since my motherhood days, but I have news for whoever wrote that article. Grandmother-hood has the same effect. At least, it does in my case. My feet have continued to lengthen with each grand-baby that came along, and the whole business is reaching–and I mean this–ridiculous proportions. Despite the growing (groan!) trend of shopkeepers to stock larger sizes to accommodate the multitude of mothers of the world, I still have trouble getting shoes that fit. Oh, they are available, but at a price, and only in certain styles. And those two restrictions are fashion-cramping in the extreme.

However, and this is a big however, it really doesn’t matter anymore, not to me, anyway. I’ve long ago joined the jeans and T-shirt brigade and seldom have the need to wear anything other than those aerobic shoes that are so darned comforting for my now-arthritic toes. Another thing–they are unisex, so that, unless another grand-baby comes along, I can wear my husband’s shoes in a pinch (ouch!) and no one is any the wiser.


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