Aging Fashionistas

Check out this great documentary called Fabulous Fashionistaswomen in their 80s living vibrant lives! Not only that, they wear what they want to wear, and thats what I really love about this video! Fantastic!

They buy clothing from resale shops, become senior models and artists, and just live life to the fullest!

Sooo disappointed... the documentary was 47 minutes long -- but was taken down and replaced by this short video. At least it gives you an idea of Age 80 and Fashion!

These are powerful 80-something year old women! I love them!

I welcome your comments below. Let's see how this Retirement Community lives their retired lives!

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2) What do you think of this video?
3) How do you dress daily? Anything at all like these ladies?
4) What about your own lifestyle? Do you sit and age or do you live life as they do?

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