Senior Working from Home

by Dee

I live in Missouri. I work as much or as little as I want.

I retired from the computer industry. This job is related to the computer industry, due to the fact that I use my computer system in order to perform my duties as a customer service agent.

I work for West Corporation, a company that keeps a huge pool of agents available to supplement other companies existing customer service departments.

Usually, short term projects are mostly what I do. For example, when there is a product recall the customer service department would be running over with calls from customer calls about what to do with the recalled items.

By using a landline telephone, (for security purposes, no wireless phones are allowed) and the internet, we are patched into the company's computer system and calls from customers are routed to us just like we were located in the brick and mortar customer service department.

If you have not figured out yet that I work from home, well I do. There were lots of security things I went through in order to be able to work from home and each project has its own certification or training that we go through in order to blend seamlessly into the existing customer service department.

I have worked on everything from washer recalls to a major toy store.

It is interesting work, and the scheduling is so flexible. I can schedule to work an eight-hour shift, or a 30 minute shift or not at all if I want the day off.

I think it is the perfect job, and at the same time, it keeps jobs from being outsourced to a foreign country.

My pay is deposited every two weeks into my bank account, and it has never been late.

At first I started doing this to keep me busy, but it is so interesting and of course with the economy the way it is, I will continue for financial reasons.

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On Line Jobs
by: Betty/Archer Florida

I am interested in doing on line surveys. Anything out there?

I am doing surveys but am looking for more, and hopefully offering more money...

Wendy Most surveys don't pay much. The key is to find those you can do relatively quickly so you can do more jobs.

Have you ever tried FIVERR.COM (two R's)? Look and see all the unique things people do for $5. You are from Florida, maybe sending FL postcards, or writing in the sand, or even calling local seniors (caregiver for family out of state), $5 for a call each day/week, $20 for a l/2 hour visit to their home in your same city... who knows? Look at what people are doing to sell their services and see what feels right to you!

Good Match
by: Goldie

Hi Dee,

Sounds like a good match for your skills.
Unfortunately no opportunities in my area (California).

I applied to work for a company that provides transcription service for the hearing impaired. Unfortunately they only offer their services in other states.

Still searching for my retirement job...

Wendy Goldie, There are lots of transcription jobs online. Do 1-2 jobs cheaply to get some employers and ranking under you, then raise your rates!

Try, click on BROWSE at the top, then Transcription is under Admin, but you'll see plenty more that people do online for income too.

Best Wishes!

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