Settled In,,,,,,,Kind Of

by Ricardo

....Well, it will be coming on two weeks that we have been at our new location, of which I never thought would ever become reality.

We still have much unpacking of crates, boxes, and unlabeled containers to discover. As I open some of them.....they contain items that I have not seen for years, or had forgotten that we owned.....God knows, I told my wife to "purge"......well, you can image how far that went......not very!

So now here we sit with no room for things that we never knew we had and have no room for...but she had to bring it along.

I have joked with some of the neighbors suggesting the I might purchase the house next door which is for sale to store our art pieces which we have little room for.....perhaps turn it into a local art museum with a nominal admission charge.

I have developed an early morning routine with some of the "old timers" at the lodge with work outs, swimming, hot tub, sauna, shower, then when I get back to the house a nap, because of exhaustion....of course if my other half spots me, it's more of unpacking.....NOT FUN.

I presume that by the first of the month this torture of moving will be a distant on to selling our old house.....forget about that rest for the wicked......later!

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