Should I quit my part time job after 7 weeks?

by Rose

Hi everyone,

7 weeks ago I was thrilled to get a part time job in the field I had retired from. I retired two years ago at 62 and during that time I frequently thought about working part time, so this job seemed perfect.

Well, now that I have the job I am so unhappy. Though it is in the same field of work I did previously, there are still many things I need to learn in this new environment and I just don't feel my supervisors are being very helpful.

It's just three of us - me and my two supervisors. I have mentioned a couple times that I need to be shown this or that, but things are just moving so slow and I am usually bored and miss the freedom retirement gave me.

I'm also upset because I have been given the responsibility of learning a new system for doing part of the job that was put in place shortly before I started which neither of my supervisors have learned to do, so it is pretty much my problem now to figure it out. There are people to call for help, but still, I made it clear during my interview that I had no experience with this system. I thought they would be showing me how to use it.

I just don't know what to do. The job pays well and I would feel bad leaving so soon, so I keep going back and forth between leaving and giving it more time. I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Thank you!

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To Work or Not to Work that is the Question
by: Canadian Retiree

It sounds like you have mixed feelings about the job. Learning something new is always a challenge but eventually you will master it.

Just think you will know the new system and your Supervisors won't. Now that's an advantage.

I know how you feel though, after I retired I wanted to go back to work. I never did, but even now I have days with too much time on my hands when I think "I wish I was still working" and I miss my job.

Retirement is a weird journey for most people and a part-time job is a solution. Seven weeks is not a long time but if you absolutely hate it why not look for something else?

The beauty of retirement is you are not stuck doing something you hate like before retirement, you can move on. Good luck.

Your time is precious
by: Sandy

I did the same thing. Won't stay much longer.

If unhappy, we don't need the frustration. I am giving notice and won't wish to work again. But we needed to try, right?

We did and now we can move on!


My advise is - say goodbye. You don't need the is too short to waste time.

retire or not to retire again.
by: Anonymous

If you need the money that is one thing, but I had a part time job and said, "when it is not fun anymore I'm done." that said we all can use more money, but enjoy retirement. maybe find a way to fill the downtime at work that would make it more fun.

Learn it anyway you could! Boost your ego!
by: anonymous/ North America


I was kinda in the same situation too! Retired and at 64 yo, got headhunted to do a job that I used to do, but everything has been computerized since then! They were desperate, so I took this temporary position.

I was so lost and my co-workers barely knew it themselves and kept giving me bad advice. Also, the fact that I was a Senior did not help either, as they made fun behind my back that I was too old to learn!

It was very discouraging and I was ready to quit! But I guessed I had too much pride and I kept asking any kindred souls who would give me some tips and I took at least 50 old reports to study them on my breaks and lunch.

One day, Eureka! I got it!

I'm still at this temp job 1.5 years later and I am one of the Leads. I am still putting in at least 2-3 times the efforts as the young computer whiz, but I am still here and I am most willing to share my knowledge and thankful for any corrections!

Don't give up! Keep trying! One day, you will get it and you will be the one teaching your supervisors!

And if you decide to quit, it is OK too! As at least you tried! And you are at retirement age anyways!

As long as you are happy, do whatever you like!

Life is too short
by: Elizabeth/Spokane

Hello, my first thought was life's too short to do something that isn't fun, especially as a retiree.

Is there any other job that you might be interested in doing for comparable pay? If the money is so good that another part-time job could not compare, then stick with it and save some money - work for 6 months or a year, then you would have that skill/knowledge and maybe the job wouldn't be so bad.

Use your time there to learn the new system
by: Michael - Warm and Sunny Venice Florida

Rose - it sounds like you are asking two questions here.

1. Do I stay in a part-time job that I don't like and give it more time to see if things change because the money is good?

2. Do I really want to work part-time at all?

3. Should I look for a different part-time job?

If you want to work, you could give it more time to see if it might work out. Take time to learn the new system - maybe you could become the system expert!

I had always read that you should give a new job six months to see if it is the right fit.

Life is short. A lot of companies are hiring. You can always find a job if you need to make money. Only you know if part-time jobs in your field are easy to find and if you could find a higher rate elsewhere.

If you think this is a good job, a good company, and a very good pay rate, stay and give it more time. Use the time to learn the new system. Then, when you become the expert in the new system, ask for a raise or use your new skills to get a better rate of pay somewhere else.

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