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by: Loyce!

When we lose our mates, a void opens up and it takes time before it begins to fill and heal so understand that healing is a process and we all react in our own way but we should feel our feelings and lean towards those positive peeps who offer support for healing requires comfort from peeps who care and try to understand.

I can say that from experience, time is the necessary bridge to feeling less pained and we must go with the flow of healing.

We have been changed and our world has been shifted and we must let time pass so that we can adapt to The New.

Silence is indeed a strong noise
by: Ashfaq Gulzar

I disagree with Patricia Guift new of point that "Remember old days had been gone".

No Madam No, Life is on going process. When a very dear from us goes and leaves behind very good memories, one can live happy positive and purposeful life. Life never stops and it should not at all stop. It had made me really happy to note the sound of silence.

I live in the East and such romantic stories happen in the East. Western people are human beings and they too live in the emotions but most of the persons go through the life but never find the love. In East if you little mind and resources, you live in the world of love and trust.

Guift, I feel your noise of silence, we too feel the momentum of silence. Many love to you and the departed.

Remedy for Silence
by: Anonymous

Your comments were expressed so beautifully and you write so well. I know a lot of widows and widowers can certainly relate to that "silence."

When my husband is out of the house for more than four hours, I am very aware of the "silence." It can be deafening. I can only imagine what it would be like if I lost him. He is 81.

Thank you for your comments - I know readers will pay close attention, as I definitely did.

Felice (Retired Traveller)

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