by Patricia Guiff

After the loss of my husband I made the statement to a dear friend that "silence is a very loud sound!"

She at first did not understand what I meant. The silence, the "void" within not only our homes, but within our very beings can either jolt us into doing something, or doing nothing.

It is the silence of loss; the radio, cd's or the television don't fill that void; the void can only begin to be filled somewhat by finding activities that fill the silence/the void.

Spend time with friends, volunteer at your church or some other facility and bask in the memories of the love you shared. Many persons go through life never finding love, so if you shared love with the person that is now gone, remember the good times, laugh at the bad and thank the good Lord for placing that person in your life. Yes, silence is a very loud sound, but it can be lessened.

Give of yourself in a new way, and the silence will then become a soft, calm place in which to remember.

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