Six Months Retired!

by Wendy

Yes, I've been retired six months now!

I hate to repeat myself, but I Still cannot believe I am retired, let alone SIX MONTHS! I still can't believe I am happy, content with life, and don't worry about my employer in the least.

It's really and truly a good retired life -- if you can get yourself mentally there. Some folks seem to fall into happy retirements, many others struggle for months (and sometimes for a few years).

I think I'm fortunate that I do my websites. They keep me totally busy, occupied and challenged, and are making me a nice income too. Love it!

I've been so blessed to be able to sit in the hospital with mom and step dad over the past two weeks... with no worries. I'm retired and I can be there for them when they need me -- that feels good.

My husband works part-time still, and may retire soon too. He plays guitar at several church services each weekend, so learning new songs, practicing with the rest of the praise team, and playing on Sat/Sunday... is his hobby which will carry him into retirement.

Life is good.

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6 months
by: Tiffany

YEA!! 6 months of retirement, and 6 months of full time websiting! (I know I just made up that word!)

Wendy: WOO HOO!

Retired and loving it!
by: Irwin

Hi Wendy and all you other retirees:

Yes, as retirees we do wonder when we had time to work. Our days are so full and seem to go by so fast now that we are retired we wonder how we ever had time to work.

I too try to keep a daily journal of things I do and want to record so that I can look back later and see all that I did. But, you know what, when we are actually "living the retired life" it is hard to spend time writing about it.

My days usually go like this - get up and have breakfast, possibly do some work at the computer either teaching (when I have a class or two), writing (preparing articles for the Newsletter I am the assistant editor of), studying for some other position I am trying to involve myself in (at the moment I am studying to become a "Contract Author" for the same people I teach for), and then three days a week my wife and I are off to Line Dancing Practice (at the moment we are practicing for a gig coming up tomorrow - March 15 at a church luncheon), grab a bite to eat and then head back home and become involved in something or another around the house. The other two days during the week that we aren't practicing line dancing with the group, we are teaching it to others here in the community where we live.

When not doing that we are either doing something fun for the community (remember our Evening in Paris night, and Casino night) such as the Annual Bazaar we had this past Saturday (actually we were busy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for that event) or trying to play catch-up with housework - ugh - that nasty word - shame we cannot have a maid!

And then there is always the traveling. We are planning on attending our granddaughters wedding shortly and will during the same trip be able to see some of my brothers and sisters who we only get to see about once a year.

But, isn't it great that we get to do all this?

One does find that the more active we are, the younger we feel and for those of us now into our seventies, that is a grand feeling. Do we feel old sometimes? Yes, but usually only once in a while when we really push ourselves just a bit too long (on days when we forget how old we really are I guess). But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. These may turn out to be the best years of our lives and we plan on living them to the fullest.

Didn't mean to ramble on but your posts inspired me to do that which I love to do but do not take enough or make enough time during the day to do it and that is - "Write!"

Have a wonderful day.

Wendy: thanks Irwin! Write On!

11 years and the time has flown
by: Maggie

I worked in the umbrella trade, making umbrellas, was there from the age of 15, until 57 when I took early retirement to care for my now late father. I enjoyed every year that I was with my firm, then after talking it through with my dad decided to take the early retirement. I had a small party to celebrate not only my forthcoming retirement but also to chat over all the changes that had occurred over the working years. But I love being home now,, and enjoying my retirement with my husband David.

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