Social Security Disability: Depression

If you are seeking information on Social Security Disability as you have depression, I hope I can help you!

How to get Social Security Disability for Anxiety and Depression?

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There is no recipe on how to obtain these disability benefits. None. 

Like any Social Security Disability, you must be unable to work.

Many people work a lifetime with depression and anxiety issues, while others simply cannot cope and need to seek help with a disability income.

Disability through Social Security is a higher payment... unless you wait until full retirement age to retire. I doubt many (at age 65-66) would go through the hassles of a disability if they could get full payment, right?

How difficult is it to get Social Security Disability for depression?

It depends on your history, like any other disability claim. You need a full depression history, with medical documentation. 

For some, that means a lifetime of medical documentation for depression. For others, a severe depression just as they retire might mean approval (with appropriate documentation and medical evidence).

It seriously helps to know the system. That's the reason I push Disability Digest as a DIY system to learn how to get your disability approved. If you are mentally clear, you can go through the training and get yourself approved. When you get stuck, there are advocates that can help you (no fee involved). 

Age alone is a plus for getting a disability as the Federal Govt. won't pay for say 20 extra years (assuming you had applied at age 40, for example). Instead you will get an increased dsiability payment for life... if you are approved for a Social Security Disability for depression.

I am not saying this is possible for you, but if you are seriously struggling in retirement, this is yet one more possibility.

  • If you aren't yet age 62 and eligible for Social Security, and you fell deep into a retirement depression, you just might have a benefit to apply for. 
  • If you already get Social Security but are between 62 and 65ish, you could still apply and, if approved, gain an increased benefit for life.

Best Wishes!