Social Security Disability -
Michigan Subsidized housing options with poor credit

by Pamela
(Clinton Township, MI, USA)

I am 61, live in Michigan, and I am collecting Social Security Disability for COPD/Emphysema/Chronic Bronchitis.

I have been trying to find subsidized housing/apartments here in Michigan, but most of them do a credit check. My credit died years ago, and hard as I try I can't seem to get it right. So, for those of us with poor credit, are we destined to live in a box on the beach?

I only get $806.00 a month to live on, and it just does not stretch far enough to cover rent, and all of the utilities. I have no kids to live with, and no friends that are not married.

Any suggestions? I have been online for days looking every place I could think of.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated....wanting to be happy in my senior years!

Wendy: Of course...
This is my own story on a low income apartment (in Mt. Clemens) that my dad lived in. He lived at Park Place Towers... we loved that place! -- Read the Apartment link too. Just so you know this really WILL help you!

Hope you find a new home soon!

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Michigan Subsidized housing options with poor credit

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housing without credit check
by: Anonymous

I am a 48 year old person who lives on ssi and i am trying to find housing that is accessible and i am not having any luck. where can i go? i do not want to be homeless which is about to happen.

if anyone knows please reply

Wendy Where do you live? It's hard to find resources without your location...

Retirement housing and debt
by: Anonymous

Hi..I hope you will find this helpful...first contact Legal Aid in your area and ask about bankruptcy (you are entitle because of your income....if they don't do bankruptcy cases then look into doing it yourself....then call section8 in your area and ask if there is a section 8 list open...last look for subsidizing housing in your area..let them know that you are looking into bankruptcy (but hopefully. You had started the bankruptcy by then. GOOD LUCK!

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