Social Security & Divorce

I took early social security at 62. I filled out the form online. I was married for 28 years.

Will social security recalculate my benefits after my ex-husband is eligible for his benefits when he turns 65?

Or am I no longer eligible to claim social security benefits under him. He made more money than I did when we were married and after we we divorced.

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Divorce and Social Security
by: Wendy,

Divorce does not end your benefit eligibility... you can read all about Social Security and Divorce here on the SS site.

You really should make an appointment with SS. Simply call 1 (800) 772-1213 and they will schedule the meeting time with your local office. That way, someone has your file ready and can look at your benefit, and his, and advise you how this will work for you personally.

If you simply show up, you wait in line. Make the appt, and there is less wait.. all good!

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