Soon I will be retired

by Madeline

After 38 years of teaching, I will retire on June 11, 2010.

I am excited about the next phase of my life and scared to death that what I have looked forward to so long and planned for will be lonely, boring and unfulfilling.

I don't dislike teaching, contrary to what people think, high school students are engaging and interesting. But I feel that there is something else out there for me and I want to graduate to something else.

I have read books about retirement, talked to my friends, signed up for volunteer work and classes; but I am uneasy.

I guess that it is because I am going on to the next phase of my life and it is unknown.

Does anyone out there feel like me?

  • Wendy: Many new retirees have anxiety about retirement. We are excited about the possibilities, and yet, smile on our face, we are wondering, internally, what's next?

    I worked for local govt for 36 years, retired two weeks ago, and all I can say is WOOO HOOO!

  • Retirement Pending: I'm Anxious

    by: Anonymous

    Hello! My retirement date is August, 2011. I will be 69 and have had a fulfilling and meaningful profession as a classroom teacher and now a university professor.

    The fear causing my anxiety may sound crazy, but so much of my identity has been tied to my work.

    I am anxious over how to "reinvent myself" in a meaningful and FUN way after I retire so that my life is as fulfilling as when I was an educator.

    Intellectually, I know what to do to plan for this change in my life, but emotionally I'm a wreck! Is that crazy or what?

    Over this Spring Break, I am pretending to be "retired! and came upon this site. I think it is GREAT!

    It helps me to know that what I am going through is "normal" for some!

  • Wendy: I was also so involved in my work life that I had to figure out if my websites were enough for my new life. I waited to feel anxiety and it never came... I am so totally surprised at that.

    I retired last year at 55,.. I think that you deserve a retirement, finally, at age 69! You are smart enough to find new interests which you might start trying out now while you are still employed.

    It's a good life -- you can be as busy as you like.. or not!! Best Wishes!

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