Soon to retire

I will be 68 years old this year, working for 30 years at same company, not until last job review I would not consider retirement.

Today I am serious and plan to retire August 20, 2020. Not one day longer, my 30 year old boss give me ear full which I consider age discrimination.

I am on the way out to enjoy life.

Do I have anxiety, oh yes, in fact I may need to see doctor and ask for medication to keep me relaxed.

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by: Val in Canada


You have made it to retirement. Now is your time. Your time to enjoy the things you never had time to do before.

I retired 3 years ago and know I have done the right thing. I worked in Finance and loved my work, but the company was trying to grow too fast, and I could see it heading for a crash and I didn't want to be a part of the whole stressful situation. I was in the work force over 30 years and was no one's fool.

I gave a 6 month notice, and trained people to take over my position. The company gave me a wonderful retirement party, and I left with dignity.

I am still in touch with co-workers, we get together for lunch etc. But I am so thankful to be away from the stress.

My retirement so far has been great. My husband and I go to the gym most mornings. We belong to a few different clubs, some together some on our own. I have my wood refinishing hobby.

Over the 3 years I have learned to relax, travelled with hubby, travelled with my close friends, visit family, took an interest in our community and helped with different events in the community, etc.

When we started planning for our retirement our biggest concern was money of course. Would we have enough, how much is enough. We did not have pension plans but we did have investments. Will our investments keep us going and for how long.

I must admit I wasn't comfortable knowing that paycheque had come to an end and I was now dipping into the pot that I had saved over the last 40 some years. Well we are still doing fine, and our Financial Advisor assured us we are fine.

We have a budget set up and track our expenses. Our budget allows for everything. (i.e. travel, health care expenses, buying a new vehicle, entertainment, house expenses etc.)

We also have spreadsheets with our investments that we track regularly. No surprises for us!

The budget and investment spreadsheets had been in place way before retirement, and would advise most people to do this.

Once you see what you spend, save, etc. on paper or spreadsheet on your computer you will feel confident about affording retirement.

Good luck on preparing yourself for your retirement.

Me too
by: Marsha

Me too only I was laid off. Said it was to improve their bottom line. So they got rid of me so they could make more money. Really hurt. I sat around and did nothing for several years caused lots medical problems.

Find something that makes you happy.

I Wasn’t Ready
by: Canadian Retiree

Hey Soon to Retire, it’s a big decision to retire. Sounds like you are ready though. I wasn’t.

I jumped into retirement following a year and a half of breast cancer treatments. I was going to return to work for one more year but my mental and emotional state prevented me from getting back. I always feel like I made a hasty decision. I’m retired a year and a bit now. I had a horrible time adjusting. I ended up needing an anxiety med and antidepressant med. I also had to seek counselling. Don’t feel bad if you need help.

30 years on the job is a lot of years. I had 20 on my job and I still miss my job and coworkers. I have days when I wish I was still at my job. It’s difficult to find a purpose in retirement. I’m taking art classes which is helping. As Wendy says "do something". It definitely helps.

All the best to you and congrats.

Get on your mark
by: Sherry/ NC

You are an important employee; for 38 years you were
productive in assisting your company to become a highly
regarded company, never forget that. That is why they
kept you for 30 years! Congratulations.

Yes, I believe your manager is trying to boot you out and it is a good time to go and find other interesting things to do with your life and you know what, freedom feels good and you will be productive again, with your home, family, friends and volunteer work. You have to try out things in life and find what you enjoy.

I wish you good luck and happiness.

Retire only from work
by: Jane Curtis/Hawkins, Tx

You and I are the same age. I retired 10 years ago so you are already up on me. The best thing to remember is that you are retiring from work not from life.

The transition can be kind of scary to some. That is what this site is all about. We are here for you. Read the blogs from those of us who have been where you are now.

You are about to set out on an adventure that will last you the rest of your life. Do not let anxiety rob you of the joy and celebration that you survived this far.

Find something to laugh about every day. Sounds silly but it is a worthwhile hobby. Read through some of the adventures some of our members have been through.

You might find one you would enjoy trying.

Go Enjoy LIfe!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Many people face what you are going through -- those subtle pushes from management to get you to make the choice to retire. It happens to many. (AND yes, you can stay and you can fight it, but it only makes you more anxious and ill, right?)

You've got 30 years. You're past normal retirement age.

GO with a big SMILE!

So much more life to live!

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