Still Writing

by Ricardo

Well Wendy, I guess that I rekindled the "flame" of writing, and your site helped to ignite that flame once again.

That was what, perhaps three years ago when I was just planning my retirement.....and now, TWO years into that trip I am settled into this new lifestyle in a restricted age community and have begun writing pieces on occasion for a monthly flyer that goes out to all of us. I find it interesting and stimulating as well.

In fact, I have been reviewing some of my past submissions to your site and have been "recycling" them up here in what I call "farm country."

I say all of this to once again thank you for your site and ALL that you offer to stimulate and "advise" those that have or will soon take that "step" into the "unknown."

You have "rekindled" that flame in me to write that had gone out so many years ago, and now burns brightly once again with purpose!

Keep up the good work, it is appreciated by all who stumble on your is a valuable service.

As we age we ALL need to "funnel back" some of our acquired knowledge to those yet to come, and for that I thank you!

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Apr 28, 2015
Go Ricardo!
by: Wendy

First, I cannot believe you've been retired TWO years now! Yikes. I hit my five year retirement this month! Double Yikes!

Good for you on the writing... I totally enjoy it, thus my sites. It's time to give back to the world, Ricardo, and if you've got the talent to communicate to others this way -- just do it.

Heck, maybe it's time to moderate a Facebook group for your local community, or start a blog, or...

Havin' Fun!

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