Taxation on pension

by Freddie

Are taxes taken out of my pension if I move from Calif. to Nevada?

Wendy There is no personal income tax in Nevada (working or retired). Some states, like Arizona, do tax retirements... especially the out of state pensions. Good Question! This website has a state by state tax guide!

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Taxes on pensions
by: Joe

You need to look at a site called "Taxes by State"

There a number of states that do not tax out of state pensions if they do not tax theirs. For example Pennsylvania does not tax Michigan or Wyoming Civil Service pensions because they do not tax Pennsylvania State Pensions.

There are some states like Rhode Island and Kansas that tax out of state civil service pensions and my even tax a portion of an individuals social security pension. Pennsylvania does not tax Civil service pensions or social security pensions.

Wendy: Thanks Joe for helping!

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