The Life of a Nomad

by Brenda
(Vancouver, BC Canada)

In one week, I'm going to hit my 6 year retirement anniversary.

Within 24 hours of retiring, I hit the road in my RV. For the past 6 years, I have not been in any one place longer than 4 months.

In the winter I'm in an RV resort and do a lot of the activities. In the summer, I'm at camp and I live on the beach.

In Spring and Fall, I'm at home in my condo and that is where the problem lies: I spend most of my time watching TV because I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything.

It's a weird life: from almost hyperactivity to no activity at all. I keep waiting for a routine to develop. So here's the question: how do people with a routine start to develop that skill?

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June - Where to go...what to do
by: Nui

Hi June,

It's actually cheaper to go in an RV than it is to use hotels and motels. I average about 1/2 tank of gas in a day's travel and that amounts to about $80.

I use PassPort America campsites which you can usually get for under $20 a night (full service). When you factor in that you don't have to pay for all your meals, etc. it's cheaper to travel by RV.

Also, although you might have paid $80 for a tank of gas, it evens out if you stay somewhere for 4 or 5 nights.

I generally find a place and use it as a central hub to go sightseeing - usually within 50 miles or so. It works out great! I hope you try it - it's so much fun!

Keep heading out
by: June, GA

Traveling, even in an RV ain't cheap!

My boyfriend and I have a 27' we and go to the beach couple times a year.

I would love to throw caution to the wind and just go, for 6 months to see what it is like to live on the road. how do you plan a trip or where to go, what is cheapest route to take.

Seems all the state parks are totally booked all the time and private ones are pretty pricey. Tried the work camper deal once. I got stuck in an office with a mean man. Hated it. Need some advice.

Are there travel clubs, people like me that would like to tag along together for this adventure.

Thanks everyone!
by: Nui

I appreciate the fact that you've read my post. Much appreciated! I'm leaving again on Monday for a 10 day road trip from Arizona to Ontario (Canada) and then I'll be camping for 3 months. No TV in sight so that'll be good - time to wean myself. Lol!



More than a Nomad
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MAYour Name/Location

Why do I get the idea that you have a book or memoir inside you that is bristling to get written.

Every time you get away on a vacation , in a way you may be running away from yourself and require constant change to deal with it.

If you wrote down your observations, thoughts and feelings likes and dislikes each time you took a trip you might have a book people might want to read. and it might encourage them to " get away"once in a while. So many may feel the way you do but can't express it. You are needed.

Maybe you need a rest
by: Nancy

You have a very exciting life in your RV! Maybe with all that activity, you need to chill in your condo and watch TV. I don't see anything at all wrong in watching TV in your condo when you are off the road. Sounds like that is what you need and want to do. Also, you are probably of the generation when there was very limited TV availabe. Now there is Netfix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu!

What a life!
by: Larry Steward / SC

I'm sure many of us are envious of your retirement lifestyle. I know I am!

I'm surprised during spring and fall you're not busy as heck loading all those pictures you must be taking into photo albums. Ha! How about researching brand new spots you want to visit next time around?

Makes sense you would be motivated by doing something that supports your travel schedule.

Retirement Routines
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

It seems to be a difficult challenge to begin a routine when every season is different! GRIN! Having said that -- I totally admire your ability to adapt like this! WOW -- what a life!

You might consider the Morning Makeover Challenge to rethink your routines.

For each step, consider the condo routine and the on-the-road routine -- what works for both situations and what needs to change.

Best Wishes!

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