Thoughts On Aging

by Ricardo

I am here in this age restricted community in the the upper midwest of our great nation almost two years. It is surrounded by a golf course, has immaculate grounds, when not snow covered, and as many activities that one cam imagine.

I have immersed myself in a few of the activities. I guess the most important one has been listening to some of the residents and learning from them.

The community is about fifteen years old and many are original residents that moved here in their mid to late sixties, which is the age that I find myself currently in.

There is a wealth of knowledge here that many bring with them from prior position of employment. The information, stories, experiences, and good humor is overwhelming. All I have to do is ask a question, keep my mouth shut, listen, and learn......most all are happy to share their knowledge with me, and I have become a "sponge" in the process.

Unfortunately as I have aged, the "sponge" cannot retain as much moisture as it once did! I have become friends with an Indian couple that I see routinely in the pool.

My next door neighbor is from Greece, the gentleman across the street is Cuban, and another fellow from London. The interesting thing about all of them is the fact that they ALL have different stories to tell based on the part of the world that they lived in.

I met one of my neighbors last summer that is German and was a prisoner of war and in the Hitler youth about a living, breathing history lesson!

I am learning much about life and all it throws at us. Health issues, coping with loved ones that need undivided care, and yes death, are all subjects that come up on a daily basis. I call it the "cycle of life." I am trying to learn from my "senior" friends how to deal with ALL these things when it is my turn to experience them.

How will "I" react when "I" get ill, when "I" loose my mate, when"I" become a care giver. Sometimes these things frighten me, but many have come before, and many will come after.....I am trying to learn.

As I have quoted on this site on occasion, "it is not what "happens" in our lives that makes a difference, BUT, how we "respond" to what happens.....I am still learning and appreciative to those that are willing to share their "journey thru life" with me!

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