To meditate is to relax!

by sandra kowalewski
(rochester hills mi)

I have been meditating for over l5 years. Also hypnosis, which is only a deeper state of relaxing... both help me sleep better, think about all to be thankful for.

There are many free cd's to download or just to use for free on the internet..even the library has cds for free to try.

I am near 70 and work every day-very active, which meditation helps me achieve....try it!

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by: henk kramer

Hello , I have read your message !
Every morning, when I wake up, I do my
meditation. It gives me power, and start fresh my day !
Tell me more, greetings

by: Kristine

Is it a great feat to meditate at 70? Honestly no. It's kind of silly not to do it.

I learned TM meditation at 30, it helped me leave dangerous sleeping pills. I practised it for about 15 years and it was a great help.

Then last year, at 71 I was initiated in Kriya yoga that is a much deeper, more spiritual form of meditation, breathing and exercises.You need to be somewhat spiritually prepared, but if you manage it's very rewarding.

I strongly recommend some form of meditation to everybody, especially retired people.

God bless, Kristine.

How True
by: Alice

Many retired people were brought up to think of meditation as not being right. Now with less money and more time, hopefully meditation will be given a serious look at for an alternative to medicines for sleep, relaxation, and other things you mentioned. I am 64 and have been meditating for years. Thank you for sharing.

by: Carol

Agree, agree, agree!

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