Top Ten Reasons to Retire by Elinor

by Elinor Nuxoll

1- Forced to retire, that is, downsized out of a job.

2- Stress from the job because of increasing workload, change of shifts, relocation to another area.

3- Health problems of the worker or family. Being needed as caregiver.

4- Disability making person unable to work and eligible for retirement benefits - Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

5- Age: Making person eligible for Social Security at 62, or at age when eligible for full benefits (66? 67?)

6- Disaster such as flood, storm damage, loss of home. Or need to relocate to be near a parent or child who is disabled and needs help.

7- Retiring to start new career or own buainess.

8- Retiring to enjoy hobbies, family, or travel.

9- Burned out, just want to relax.

10- Won the lottery or inherited a fortune. Want to have fun spending it.

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pursue your dream
by: Beverly

Travel, music, paint, garden, walk the PCT.

Reasons to retire
by: Anonymous


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