Top Ten Reasons to Retire by John

by John
(Tyler, TX)

1. Thirty years of doing same job.
2. Tired of walking on egg shells.
3. Chest pains from anxiety caused by job.
4. Job no longer fun.
5. Management style changes.
6. Corporations doing more with less; more pressure.
7. It all flows down hill.
9. psychotic BOSS
10.PSYCHOTIC BOSS - He isn't worth the money to put up with.

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I want to retire but have serious reservations...
by: Anonymous

I am sixty three years old, almost sixty four, and have been debating if I should retire or just hold on. I would be able to collect three pensions.

I have worked in social services for the past almost thirty two years and really love my job as I honestly believe that I am making a difference in peoples lives.

I have some health issues that I can live with but have been diagnosed with Parkinsons and I have no idea as to how fast this disease will progress.

I guess I am just afraid to retire because part of my identity and part of who we all are is the work that we have done all our lives. I would certainly like to hear from other people who have been in this situation, and had to retire because of health concerns.

Wendy: I worked 36 years in public sector and my job was RETIREMENT... despite helping employees with retirement decisions all those years, my OWN retirement decision was scary. Like you, I did lose my identity and that's who I was for all those years!

However, I retired in April 2010 and I absolutely love it. Part of why retirement works so perfectly for me, is my website. It keeps me as busy as I want to be -- and yet I am in Las Vegas on vacation right now and won't touch my website much. It's a win-win for me!

Bottom line: Forget your medical issue, just consider what you will do every day. That's what will keep you living with meaning to every day, you need purpose and you KNOW that as a Social Worker, its just too close to you right now!

p.s. You can always start your own blog, or a website, for fun or for income -- or just write about the Retirement Transition decision, the days as you adjust to retirement, or help others here as they post their fears! I'd love to have you help others right here!

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