Top Ten Reasons to Retire, by Marge

by Marge Sallee

TOP REASON -- You won the lottery and have millions of dollars to spend while you can still get around and see everything worth seeing on the planet. You go, girl!

But if that didn't work out, here are some other reasons why I retired:

1. I have reached the eligibility factor (in my case the number was 85 -- 55 years of age and 30 years of service -- though I had to wait till I was 58 to reach it).

2. After 30 years in education, I was ready to play hooky.

3. The house was paid for and we had some savings in the bank.

4. I broke my leg and couldn't get around that huge high school building which involved a lot of stair climbing.

5. I realized when I nearly ran over the mailbox at the post office that my eyes weren't as good as they used to be when driving in the dark.

6. The print in textbooks got too small to read, and I was just reading Chaucer by memory to my students missing a word every now and then.

7. I picked up a paper to grade and I didn't see any words on it (student used a very hard pencil and a very light touch).

8. I was tired of cleaning up the lounge and making the coffee for everyone else.

9. My students would look at me and ask, "When are you going to retire, Mrs. Sallee?"

10. My doctor told me to get out of there while I could still walk and see the road to get home.

And I still felt guilty about not showing up every day.

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My top ten
by: mike

1. hands hurt after working very long
2. I've run out of new things to put in my lunch box
3. As soon as I learn the date it changes
4. my work pants won't fit anymore
5. even old folks call me "Mr."
6. I read the obits today and I'm in them.
7. I'm running out of socks
8. I can't remember where I parked my work truck.
9. When I visit my mother in the home the staff thinks I'm her husband
10. my pager won't work

Top 10 Reasons to Retire
by: Teri Green

When looking for reasons to retire you have to consider a lot of things like if you are prepared for it in terms on the financial aspects of it. And if you are very sure you are, then that will be the time to consider relaxation and enjoyment during retirement, plus experiencing new environment and cultures.

Your list is what I am looking for!
by: Fran

I am a teacher and reached that "85" with the exact same years as you! I just filled out my paperwork. Your list both consoled me and confirmed me. Thanks.

Ditto, Fellow Teacher!
by: Daphne

Loved it, Marge!

I could ditto most of your comments; especially that darned tiny print!

Ten Good reasons
by: Sandra

All excellent reasons!

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