Top Ten Reasons to Retire: from Manitoba, Canada

by Linda W.
(Manitoba, Canada)

10. I will have more time to spend as I wish

9. I have enough money

8. My health is still excellent

7. I still have a fairly decent memory

6. Most or all of my friends are still alive

5. I have things to do and places to go, but no initiative to accomplish them

4. I am the oldest employee at my worksite...

3. My garden is so full of weeds, it's hard to see the plants

2. I have grandkids that rarely see me, outside of weekends and holidays

1. I really, really want to!!!

Wendy: Linda, Go for it! It sounds like you've thought it all out!

I was surprised to see #6 -- most don't think of that. My parents have a condo in Vegas, now in their mid-80s, most of their friends out there are deceased. Twenty years ago, they knew everyone around their condo unit, people did dinner together, gambled together.. then little by little they died. One after another, and twenty years later, they reminisce about person after person who used to live her and there. Kinda sad.. they've outlived the majority of their friends both in Michigan and Vegas. Good Point... we've still got friends, enjoy their company in retirement.

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You insprie me
by: Jan

Thanks for the honesty. I see myself in much of what you have written. I'm leaving my company in 33 days and it's time...for most of the reasons you listed. Jan

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