Top Ten Reasons to Retire: I love my job

by Karen

1. We don't have forever...time runs out
2. Feel like i am 30 but am 67 don't want to waste it
3. Eventually we all have to retire sometime, it may as well be now
4. Get physically etc.
5. Time to entertain
6. Watch my grand kids games with enthusiasm instead of exhaustion at the end of the day
7 Was financially prudent and can afford to go
8 Can work on my farm everyday not just weekends
9 Do day trips with husband, friends, sisters
10 Dad died of Alzheimers as did his twin sister I may face it as well he had signs in his late 70's

wendy: Yep Karen, you'll do quite well as a retiree. You love your job, but I bet you'll love your retirement just as much.. you've got a great attitude! Enjoy it!

p.s. I'm taking a class on this book, last one tonight, and its a great roadmap for retirement... what are your values in life and many many options to DO what you want to do!
Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways To Start The Rest of Your Life

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Volunteering: Best thing I have ever done!
by: JDCarp

My wife made me retire at 55, financially I did not think we could do, but a heart attack at 48 and a 5 vessel bypass with it made me begin to think. I believe that STRESS was the cause of my problems. I did once she told me we could cut things out and still live a comfortable life. once retired I worried about money then I understood what being free meant to me.

We sold everything and began volunteering at State and National parks as Campground Hosts, we have been more alive than when we worked. If we want to see something we look for a position, volunteer for 1 to 3 month and go, no rent or utilities, just 20 hours work per week and views there are breathtaking. Have some wild animals come within 10 ft of you. The happiest we have ever been.

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