Top Ten Reasons to Retire

by Maureen

1. More free time
2. Travel
3. Move to warmer climate
4. create own routine
5. get out of office routine
6. Volunteer
7. Change to PT work?
8. time for family
9. time for reading
10. time for ME!

Wendy: Great List... I do wonder if you are not yet retired, just barely retired, or been retired for years. Why? Because your Top Ten sounds like what we all dream of... so I do wonder if it really came true for you.

Are you content staying home with family and reading? How is your new routine going? Suddenly, when retired, there is LOTS of "Time for Me".. sometimes too much. We yearn for that ME time when retired, then suddenly, now what?

Thanks so much for contributing! I'd love to see you comment, below, to tell us more about you!

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