Top Ten Reasons to Retire

by Brian
(Frankfort, KY)

1. As a state worker, my pay is going down, not up!
2. Few people in the public appreciate my work.
3. Constant attacks on my pension--better get out while I can!

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Update on my original post
by: Brian

I made this post several years ago. It is now April 2021 and I am within 6 months of getting my pension.

Was it worth it?

I don't know, but I think I can actually retire. It's crazy to think about. Work has gotten worse, not better, since my original post.

Still no raises.
Kentucky hasn't given a raise in close to a decade now, and we haven't seen a 5% raise, which I would consider decent, since around 2001 (20 years).

I am very glad to go.

Reason for leaving work
by: Anonymous

No respect from younger staff. Putting up with upset customers. No team work

State worker too
by: Sheila CT

I also retired because of contract disputes and disrespect from the public. With a swelling caseload and no raises it was time to go.

Me too! I totally understand why you retired
by: P/CT

I am in the same possibly sinking boat here in a nearly broke state with one of the highest per capita incomes in the US.

Pay cuts+benefit reductions+anti-labor animosity=after 32 years I retired to raise my chance of getting what I was promised when I signed on.

Too old to start over. Tired of worrying.

I'm Leaving Before the Contract Ends
by: Steph

I am public employee sick of being hated by the public, abused as "the problem" by administration, and observing rampant favoritism.

The contract ends 12/31/15 and if I don't retire I will lose full paid health benefits that will constantly erode a pension that will never increase. Also I will lose longevity pay that is calculated into my pension. People who stay until 1/1/2016 will get burned badly.

I am great with spreadsheets, and see that financially I can go. But it feels forced. I now see I will have to reinvent myself or suffer depression. I should be happy that I CAN go!

Very comforted to see your posting!

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