Top Ten Reasons to Retire

by Patty

1. Job burn-out
2. Start the home business you've always dreamed of.
3. Wanderlust
4. Creaky joints
5. A boss that knows so little it's frightening.
6. Data based evaluations
7. Working more, enjoying it less (not total burn-out)
8. Work reform movements
9. Kids are out of the house
10.It's time.

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Plans or No Plans
by: Anonymous

@Patty, I'm imagining that your education background could open up different options in your retirement.

Did my plans work out? I'd have to say in a nutshell that before Age 60 it has been a roller coaster ride and I was in that first seat.

After Age 60, things have been much better. I currently have a website and have written a new book titled, Encore! Encore! Seniors (50 Plus) as Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come. I'm also writing a Blog about 50+ Issues.

Thanks for asking!

Joe W.

No Plans
by: Patty

Hey Joe, just saw your comment. I retired from teaching because I didn't like what was happening to the profession. I knew I would keep working at something education related because I still have two college age kids. I'm a little superstitious about making "plans" as life usually has different ones in store. This explains why I had both of my children after age 40. Have your plans worked out? I love learning new things so if I felt more financially secure, I would be going on "educational trips" to meet people and learn new skills.

+10...... It's Time.
by: Joe W.


Hi! I agree #1- Job Burnout to #10- It's Time!

I'm curious to find out what you planned for your own retirement?


Joe W.

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