Top Ten Reasons to Retire

by AJ Singh
(Chandigarh, India.)

1. Had been employed for closer to 41 years, 30 in the Army, about 11 in the corporate.

2. Have full financial freedom and I do not need to work for money to maintain a life style akin to what we have been used to.

3. Had been looking forward to be my own boss, do my own thing, even it meant listening to old melodies.

4. Wanted to start my own enterprise, even it meant making a small beginning.

5. See the world, when we are still 'young old', wife in mid and self in late fifties and we still have mobility.

6. Having travelled the length and breadth of India, wanted to be with parents and spend quality time them, now with my mother as father has passed away.

7. Children have good careers, one is even married, no responsibilities therein as well.

8. Look after and develop my land.

9. Plainly fed up with the 9-5 job and a ungrateful management.

10. Finally, when I asked myself "why o why am I doing this drudgery when I do not need to, and I could give an answer to myself"

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Great Reasons!
by: Joe W.

@AJ, These are commendable 10 top reasons for retirement. How many did you actually DO yourself already?

Is it similar to New Year's resolutions where all those wonderful Top Ten Lists are drawn up they slowly forgotten as the year progresses?

Are you thinking about giving something back to society as compared to some endless consumption?

Good Luck! Happy Retirement!

Joe W.

Why Did I Retire?
by: Dean

When my co-workers found out that I was about to retire at a relatively young age (61) they asked me why I was retiring. My answer, because i can!

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