"Top Ten Reasons to Retire"

1) Not enough to do at work

2) Don't need the stress of being ignored

3) I will never be this young again

4) I want to enjoy life while I can

5) Really, I don't even need the money

6) I can spend time doing things I enjoy

7) I am sick of living to a timetable

8) No new challenges at work

9) Why waste a day at work feeling bored THEN have to go home and do stuff

10) I am really looking forward to walking out of the door and never having to come back

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by: Anonymous

See 6 & 9 - plans are afoot, if not quite in place or tested yet.

by: Anonymous

Following up on being ignored - being alone is different to being ignored. Being ignored at work is a way of being told that they don't value your contribution. Being alone (in the right circumstances) can be an option to enjoy yourself and be selfish.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

# 2 ~ one doesn't need the stress of being IGNORED !

Well - at least you know what it feels like to be IGNORED & you may still have to get to use to that ?

Stress will still be with you - As we become older so must our family members ! sometimes family tends to not include one for various reasons, so be prepared for some let downs... just saying.

Looking out of two different windows
by: Theresa Logan

I want to start creating with stained glass again... I want to take watercolor painting classes.. I want to read and to garden and I want to be happy.... I also am afraid because i fear I will not have enough money and also that health issues will come up and all sorts of foolish thoughts come into my mind.

#11- Where is my retirement plan?
by: Joe W.

I think that after your point #10 never having to go back to your OLD workplace, there must me some kind of re-invention idea for you to go forward.

Good Luck!

Joe W.

Age gap
by: Mark Mace

98% of the work force around you is 20,30,40 years younger than you and they know it all. So they think!

Great reasons,..
by: Wendy


What will you DO all day when you retire?

Just curious!

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