Top Ten Reasons to Retire

by Mary

Just Done!

Just Done!

1. So tired of driving to work and home in the dark for months at a time.

2. The mountains of paperwork.

3. The ever-ending software changes, which were launched and then pulled when they didn't work.

4. Walking on eggshells hoping to not say or do something to set someone off.

5. Getting caught in the middle of co-workers' disagreements, over and over and over! And I hadn't stepped on those eggshells!

6. Clients that refused to cooperate, that would lie to my face, that would not show up to appointments that I had driven for hours to make. This was in social services to discuss benefits they received for free.

7. Salary falling behind living expenses. Small annual raises or years with no raises at all. I was working my way into poverty.

8. Knowing that I wasn't helping the situation and in fact was perpetuating lies.

9. Sitting at my desk every morning unable to focus from being so burned out.

10. Knowing that this was never going to improve, and most likely, would get worse. I was wasting what time I had left on earth being miserable.

As one friend said, "You are just done." And I was indeed "just done" with it all.

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Time to Retire
by: Ken San Diego

I've worked in the Medical Field over 20 years as Accountant / FInance Director. I was fortunate to be able to retire at 55, but after a few months of that ...I went back to work, then decided ok, time to retire and travel!

I've known TOO many people that said "Oh I can't wait till I'm 65 and can retire etc... most of which NEVER made it. The only trip they took was in an ambulance or WORSE!

You will know when it is time, and hopefully you have saved up enough $$$ for this move!

Best Wishes.

(Now back to the streets with my sign "WILL WORK FOR FOOD $$$$ ANYTHING HELPS!" LOL

Until you retire
by: Roadrunner13

Work is just the vehicle to earn a living. Unfortunately a lot of garbage gets in the way. Coworkers attitudes, gossip, backstabbing and for those who have to work with clients even more personalities to deal with.

Sometimes you just have to put a wall up between you and the drama and think about your 401k or other retirement savings programs. How working in the 'asylum' is providing a paycheck. At that point you just have to 'laugh all the way to the bank' and forget the inmates you have to deal with!

Take out a calculator and play with your numbers and say to yourself "if I work X amount of years more, how much more moola will have in my retirement account?" I used to play with my numbers all the time and plot and plan what my 401k would be a year from now or two years or even months. It kept me focused on saving money and take my mind off the crazies I worked with. I laughed all the way to the bank! LOL!

Until my last lay off in 2011. By then I had a very sizeable nest egg!

by: Joe W.

Those 10 reasons give you some indication that you will need to do some work on a transition plan to retirement. No plan? Stay with your job to collect a paycheck but at the same time DREAM BIG about how you will spend your surplus time in retirement .

Joe W.

I could have written this
by: Nancy

Especially #6. I had clients who were receiving costly services, and they were never satisfied and sometime nasty.

And would complain to me, although they had not lived up to their responsibilities which they signed off on on their plan. And of the course, the driving and them not showing up.

And the being burned out. I couldn't do anything in the evening except lie on the sofa like a beached whale because I was so burned out.

And not being able to sleep because of a) being burned out from the day and b) thinking about what I had to do the next morning.

When I miss my job and regret retiring, I think about all those things. Oh! and driving home in the dark after a stressful day.

You post has helped me. I'm glad you and I are out of it.

Done and Gone
by: Mary

When I left work, I dreaded the dreams.

When I left college, I would dream about oversleeping or forgetting to go to class. (Yes, the typical "I forgot the research paper/test" dreams. I still have one at least once a year!) I was sure I would wake up in a panic, thinking I forgot to set the alarm, day after day.

I thought I would dream of due dates and upset bosses. It did not happen. Not a single overslept panic or due date dream.

Months after, I did dream about dropping in for a visit and my boss giving me work to do while I was telling him that I was not back to stay!

At least with this career, I was truly just done!

You'll Know When It's Right...
by: Wendy,

People told me, over and over, "you'll know when it's right..."

Many told me this. They didn't know others used the same exact language, but they did.

I wondered what the heck they meant.

One fine spring day, I KNEW! Trees were flowering, and I decided (on the drive to work) I am walking in and giving my notice!


Like your last line says: You are just done. And -- Yes, I was too!

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