by Ricardo

...One might say that I am "transitioning" to a new life style, even though I have been retired for some fifteen months.

The saga of Ricardo goes on here in the "boonies" of northern Illinois where we recently will be three weeks this coming Saturday.

It is a restricted age community that we have chosen, and settling in, unpacking and finally exploring the community and all that it has to offer has been time consuming. I am the "new kid on the block".....kinda like that first day at a new school....everyone is giving me the once over, and at times, I feel like a real outsider.

As one gets older, I guess it can be difficult trying to engage in new relationships....maybe I am trying too hard and it is obvious to the "old timers" that I find myself surrounded by....but I am not going to give up quite yet....gotta give them some time to "check me out".....this new kid....

I am somewhat younger than most, so right there is perhaps a threat to some of them.....we'll see what transpires as spring and summer approach....IF, they ever get here....for now.....gotta keep unpacking some things and begin hanging some of our art pieces....we need MORE WALL SPACE! Maybe we can rent the house next door and use their walls!

For now, newbie Ricardo signing off!

Wendy: My friends moved from a condo to a senior village in Las Vegas and found the same. All the fun activities turned not so friendly to them, after they tried to participate. BUT after they made just a friend or two, they were suddenly welcomed in.

Give it time... Enjoy!

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