Vegas Relaxation.

by Antoinette
(Calgary Alberta Canada.)

A well known Philosopher once said, if you need a complete refreshing down time for mind and body, visit Vegas. Kitchie as it is, it is the total change from your normal daily life style. You do what you want at any time of the day, there are no more schedules.

Living in Canada, I also enjoy the palm trees.

Retirement is something else, I think I would like Palm Springs or Arizona better.

Real Estate is at the moment dirt cheap in Nevada. I prefer to take out a casino card and when I gamble I gather my points and plan for some free nights at a nice Hotel with a good swimming pool.

I can highly recommend the Riviera Hotel, it is lovely around the pool there and not as noisy with kids and drunk young people. The rooms and and staff are very nice. You can find my comments on Trip Advisor under Pals4ever.

Wendy: We have friends from Michigan who rented the condo next door -- a few days ago they stayed for three free nights at Flamingo. Right now they are at Venetian for three free nights.
They stay for free at different casino/hotels most of the month of January every year... fun fun!

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