Wendy...My story is much like yours, except my parents didn't move there. Vegas was like a fairytale...I especially remember the "Silver Slipper" which was my parent's favorite. Vegas has lost much of it's luster. It used to be FUN and folks actually got deals. Your parents are lucky to have each other to enjoy the memories together. Outliving friends and family must be sad for them, but they are also fortunate to have a wonderful daughter like YOU! My parents are both gone, but I will always remember our trips to Fabulous Las Vegas! Take care and keep us posted on your blog...ENJOY!!!

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Mar 10, 2014
The Decision
by: YukonSloMo

We are both ten years away from retiring, however I am just 2 years away to that 55+ mark.

We have started our retirement plan a few years ago so financially we will be fine.

We intend to be snowbirds and quite possibly have two moves to consider. One, after we retire to a warmer Canadian destination (other than the Yukon). Secondly, a winter residence in the Soutern States. We arent worried about finding somewhere in Canada to reside.

Our two options right now are Nevada and Arizona as we are familiar with both. We like ther predictable weather, and not having any grass or yard to keep! But there is where we get stumped. Do we want to live in the desert or should we consider somewhere else???

We have been researching the tax issue, the crime issues and cost of living. What the heck is with HOA costs! We are thinking about a low rise 55+ condo community.

We might be in the housing market place when I turn 55. So our housing budget is around 200 to 300 k.

Any help would be appreciated.

Wendy: My two cents is to try a rental in both locations for two winters... don't make a decision until you've been there and lived it. There is no rush, right?

Two of our condo neighbors in Vegas moved to Sun City Summerlin, Nevada (over 55 community). We've visited them for dinner a few times, The area is beautiful with lots of plants and flowers everywhere... very plush for desert Vegas! I remember hummingbirds hanging out by flowers, Golf carts on the streets, Mountains out the back door, its next to Red Rock Canyon... Just beautiful!

Our friends condo has 1800 sq. foot condo and it's very spacious!

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