Waiting To Be Discovered

by Kathleen

I am 73..retired. I found this video to be very inspirational. Nice cross-section of women with one thing in common; a zest and curiosity for life.

I too love fashion but have a very dull and predicable wardrobe. I feel encouraged to go out and find some fashionable funky clothes and to heck with what others might think!

Wendy: Go Kathleen Go! Why be the grey blob that nobody sees? Get some color into your wardrobe!

Scarfs are so popular right now... not just for outside! That's a cheap way to add color, next to your face, and wake yourself up! They look really smart too!

Check out the huge variety of scarfs from Amazon.com -- just to get yourself in the Scarf-Mood!

Best Wishes!

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by: Joe W.


I might be able to help you IF you're looking for a funky wardrobe. Apparently, the big market trend this Winter season is to buy an 'ugly sweater', the uglier the better.

Personally, I own a few sweathers that I haven't worn yet but I don't have any of those ugly patches to qualify as owning an ugly sweater. Not to be left out, I'll be looking around to see what I can find.

Joe W.

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