Well.......it is over

by Ricardo

To the many that have followed my "journey to retirement", I attended "my party" today.

It has been three weeks since I last stepped foot in my office since I have been using up sick time. Yesterday, February 28th was my last "official" day on the payroll so to speak. I did NOT want to go back, since I was kind of already in "a retirement mode."

In fact as my wife and I were driving to the office, I started to get nervous, apprehensive, and a bit scared....of what I do not know, but the feelings were there. I wanted to turn the vehicle around, and "call in sick". I did NOT do that, and am glad that I didn't.

I was overwhelmed with the turn out, which included past retirees, friends, and family, none of which I expected to be there! I got ribbed, poked, prodded, roasted, and embarrassed. I spoke and got emotional in spite of myself. It was all a very sincere expression of how valuable I had been to my employer and co-workers.

I just did my job over the years and tried to befriend all and have a kind word and listen when needed. Is that not what all of us sometimes need in this life?

Well, it was verbalized over again, and again, by many who attended and knew me over the years. It made me feel appreciated, and needed, and most respected as a person and fellow employee. I received loads of gifts, both sincere, and many "gags", as well.

All in all I felt uplifted and good about my giving thirty eight years of my life to an organization and a group of people that I will always "cherish as friends."

We should all have an opportunity in life to occasionally feel the way I felt today...it is uplifting.....and as I compose this note, I am on a real emotional "high".....it feels GREAT!

Wendy: Kudos to you, Ricardo... your co-workers quite obviously respected you. I pray your retirement days are just as richly lived... Enjoy!

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Mar 09, 2013
well----it is over.
by: Anonymous

I am so glad for you that you felt appreciated and that you were honored. Giving that much of your life to one organization means you have something to give to others. A volunteer position as a visitor at a hospice or an in-school mentor with Big Brothers and big Sisters might be the answer. We, as seniors, have so much knowledge stored in our noggins that we should share it with someone.

Mar 07, 2013
by: Betty Audet

YOu did have a great retirement party. Now you must think of the rest of your life.

When you mentioned listen and kind word I immediately thought what a great palliative care (Hospice) visitor you would make.

I am sure you are the type to enjoy being a volunteer, but do try to contact with a hospice.

Mar 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

good for u... and happy retirement... enjoy your life with the love of your life cause life is short ~ and the older we get the quicker life goes ~~

Mar 07, 2013
Your Retirement
by: Irwin


Welcome to the land of retirement. And yet another adventure begins. We (my wife and I) hope you have as much fun in your retirement years as we have been having these last 16 years. Let the good times roll!

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