Wendy has Retired

Two weeks retired and loving it!

Wendy has retired, yes, I certainly have!

I intended to write about my first retirement days, but it appears, like many before me - "I don't know how I found time to work...". Geesh!

Two weeks have passed since I retired, two weeks today... and this is my first post.

Wendy Retired - but WHERE did my first Two Weeks GO?

Friday 4/16/2010 - I retired! This was my last day worked and my retirement party was held from 2-4 pm.

Saturday 4/17/2020 - Tuesday 4/20/2010: No clue what I did... just pretending to be retired, I guess!

Wednesday 4/21/2010: I packed for my conference in Dallas.

Thursday 4/22/2010 - Sunday 4/25/2010: Dallas Solo Build It Conference (website building). I had so much FUN! I learned so much! It was absolutely the perfect kick off to my new retirement adventure! Retire to the Internet... that's my idea!

Monday 4/26/2010: No idea what I did! How can a day disappear like this? I didn't work so where was I?

Tuesday 4/27/2010: I helped my sister with transportation because her car wasn't available, and I sat with her through a website interview.

Wednesday 4/28/2010: I had lunch at Olive Garden with my first boss from the County, Phyllis, and a co-worker from many years ago (both left the County in the early-mid 1980s). It was great to talk to both of them again... we sat for so long that I forgot I had to pick my sister up at work. Yikes! See how time flies when you are retired!!

Thursday 4/29/2010: Shopping with my parents at Kohls, and a McDonald's lunch (no Friday Freebies this time!)

Friday 4/30/2010: Stay at home day, then Mom called for lunch... so I had lunch over there, then back home until dinner. We went to El Charro's Mexican restaurant for Phil's birthday!

Now, the only reason I know what I did this week... I'm recording my daily activity on my calendar here at my desk. I don't want to "lose" a month and wonder where it went!

Mind you - I do LOTS here at my computer, working on my websites, sending emails, doing pen pal work from my other site, etc... I am busy! BUT - I don't know WHAT I did daily, so it looks like a big empty day that I slept through! I didn't... I'm up early as usual, but I need to keep track of my activity, at least for the beginning of retirement.

I will report back soon! Until then...

Be Happy! Wendy