What to do after your partner dies

by Sheila White
(Cambridge, ON, Canada)

Me -- 2008

Me -- 2008

It may take a while, but you must shake off any depression and regrets and start all over again. This is a new beginning for you; take advantage of it.

Living in a seniors' facility as I do, there are many around me who just sit in their apartments and grieve. Others get out and circulate, join in the entertainments offered, take rides in the facility's buses, and generally enjoy life. They are the wise ones and they fill their remaining years with new memories and good friends.

Myself, I have made new friends -- people I have been speaking to on a casual basis over the five years I have lived here with my husband. Suddenly I find myself wanting to know more about them and listening to their stories with renewed interest. People are really fascinating if you listen and learn. Too many seniors, I find, don't really want to know about ME and always turn the conversation back to themselves. That's fine. They obviously need it, so I sit back and listen, and we both have a good time.

Life goes on. Make the most of it. Each day is a present -- a gift, Accept it with love,

Sheila White

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Age and interests
by: Vee

I hope you will email to me. We share some interests. You write. So do I. I have one daughter and one grandson. I lost my husband about 7 years ago. You are right. It is hard.

I'm coming up on 83. I lost a very dear friend to cancer just last October. He was 87. He was about the only one I had left near my own age to talk with about old times.

I am pretty much housebound now. I no longer drive. I live in the Northwest USA. I always wanted to see Canada. I'd love to hear what other interests we share.

I'm still interested in a lot of things but can't do them anymore.

Go here for senior pen pals!!

Look around you!
by: Sheila White

Thanks to all who wrote. Sorry, but I cannot take on any more pen pals right now. First it was famine and now it's feast!

There are so many folks out there who want to connect and make a friend. But first look around and see if there is someone, maybe on your street or in your building, that you can help. Sometimes what you need is right in front of you.

Good luck and God bless,


by: Anonymous

I found your article very well written and honest. Thanks so much!

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