Wills: Where is everything?

by laura

When my mother-in-law died, she left a houseful of papers distributed around the place, a strongbox with outdated papers, a bunch of odd lot stocks, and some instructions to her son (my husband).

He spent weeks trying to find everything so he could follow her instructions as executor. Fortunately she put him on her accounts at the bank so he has operating funds while trying to settle her estate, but the chaos was terrible for a while.

We are going to organize our papers and wishes in one place and each of us will tell a close relative where this treasure trove is in case they need to settle our affairs. We also will find this helpful.

If my husband dies I won't be in shape to upend the house looking for his business. It's much nicer if we upend it together while we're still in shape.

There are books that help you structure this so we'll get one of those and fill it in.

Hope this helps someone!

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Putting Things In Order For Your Kids
by: Patricia Murphy - SW Michigan

One of my big concerns was NOT leaving a mess behind for my kids to have to wade through. It's bad enough they will be dealing with sorrow and loss, I sure as heck don't want them to be trying to deal with chaos in addition to that.

I've set up a box with all of the insurance papers, the phone numbers to call, any papers I think are important, shoot - I've even gathered up pictures and written my own Obit for the paper, which they can add to or change or whatever. At least it's there.

I also have a lot of debt and have printed out a paper that lets them know that NONE of the kids are responsible for it when I'm gone as none of them ever signed on to any of it. I feel better about that, too.

I seriously don't want to have my kids feeling confused or angry because I wasn't bright enough to make it easy for them once I'm gone.

Doesn't take much effort, folks. Just do it. Get it all together and give your kin a break. Don't leave them a mess to deal with.

by: Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

I wrote about the Peace of Mind book that we used years ago in Pre-Retirement Planning Programs.

Search for one in your state -- OR -- use part of this downloadable book simply to fill in the blanks on where your important documents are.

Best WIshes!

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