Work pension plan

I worked for a place that did away with their retirement plan and put the money into our 401k plan. I have retired and taken that money.

Do they keep putting money into an acct for me?

Wendy: There is no way I can answer that.. I have no idea. Every company / organization has their own pension plan (if any) and they change them all the time.

My guess is that the 401K money is all there is. If they were paying a pension (probably the plan that they took away), then they'd pay it to you (or ask you where you wanted it direct deposited).

If they were going to continue to pay you, they would have had paperwork with instructions on how to pay you. But you might want to call.. just to be sure.

Oddly enough, folks forget about pensions all the time. Something like 30,000+ retirees are owed more than $100+ million in pension benefits. Most of them don't know the benefit exists! Folks move from job to job and forget they even had a benefit ten years ago...

You can search for a Lost Pension Benefit here!

Good Luck!

p.s. If anyone reads this and finds an old pension, let me know! I hope so!

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