Working after retirement

by Dennis
(Houston,TX , USA)

The Social Security website states that if you continue working after retirement, they recalculate your benefit and adjust it in the following December.

I returned to work full time at age 70 (last year). My earnings will qualify as one of my highest years. I am also working full time this year.


Is there any age limit on years used to calculate my increased benefit?

If my benefit does qualify for an increase, will my wife's benefit (which is based on my benefit) also increase?

Wendy: GOOD FOR YOU! Returning with any income increases your monthly benefit For Life! Even part time work wipes away one old part time year from your college years.. surely the income is always higher. It's a win for you!

First Question, Social Security uses 35 years to calculate the benefit. The highest 35 years of your entire working life....

Second Question, THAT is a complex question and better answered by Social Security. If your spouse is receiving benefits on her own record, not yours, definitely not.

BUT if she was a stay at home spouse (mostly) and gets l/2 of your benefit, I *believe* her benefit will increase as yours does. Honestly, I've never run across this scenario, so I'm not positive.

A quick call to the SS 1-800-772-1213 number (mid week so you can get through... not on Mondays or Fridays.. grin!) should resolve this question!

Best Wishes!

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