Writing an e book

by Lynn

Wendy, I have tried several times to write a book about my pets and I cannot seem to use wordpress and that's where all these word processing software end up. It keeps disappearing. So I began it on the writers place you made but that disappeared also. I'm about to give up trying.

Any further advice?l

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There Is A Much Easier Way
by: Joe W.

Lynn, Your probably going through some if the stages that I went through. If your like me not being digital systems literate then do what I did.

Just quit making so many excuses and start writing your e-book about pets pen on paper. Then probably get someone to review your manuscript before publishing. Finally, hire someone to be your computer services specialist for your e-book production. You can also follow me, I'm the Founder of the Seniorpreneur Project. The website is found in a link at the bottom of this page.

Good Luck!

Writing an Ebook
by: Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

Hey Lynn,

Wordpress is for bloggers... not ebooks. It's not a simple platform, for me, but it works for millions of bloggers.

If you want to write an ebook, most computers come loaded with a WORD type program. That's all you really need.

If you don't have one, a few suggestions for writers:

1) I used free software, Open Office, for years. It's a free download, but not only a word program but also spreadsheet etc. Might be too much for you... but it's great and does all you'd ever want. (and FREE)

2) Google Docs is an online platform that saves your work. FREE to use, you write using their app online, its automatically saved, and again, does oodles for free.

I looked and they have a Book Report Template that could easily be expanded into an ebook as the formatting is there. Change anything, and delete the examples, and start writing! Easy Peasy!

3) I have a Kindle Book course, if you are interested. Its about how to write, format, get a book cover made cheaply, and upload to Amazon.

Just a few thoughts! Best Wishes!

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