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Writing an Obituary
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Ruth,

Thanks for passing that beautiful idea along. Not only can we think of someone or do something for someone, it could eventually become an everyday habit.

Also- the door is always open to those who have a charity that is deeply important to them . They can still donate to it on their own- in your memory.

Many blessings.

Pay it Forward
by: Irwin

Sounds like a wonderful idea.

What better way than to Pay It Forward and keep the kindness going.

I have to make sure that request is in my final paperwork as well.

Thanks for sharing.

My Obituary
by: Anonymous

I took time to do my own obituary, in my own way! I told people how I loved life, had fun and shared sunrise and sunsets with many friends. I had a motorcycle and love to run down the highway at night feeling to change in the air around me. It was wonderful.

People that shared time with me was another subject.

Laughter, good times, yes even sad time. We shared them all.

This is just so of the items I shared as I looked back on my path in life. No one can tell our story better than us, yet many times others try to do this and tell our story. Many time they never knew about this or that. So do your own and have fun with it.

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