Writing an Obituary...

by Ruth J

So I am of that age. I read the obituaries because I need to know if someone I once knew has passed into the realm of once was here and is not here any longer.

One notice of someone's passing caught my eye, not because I knew the person, but what the final line said. "In lieu of flowers, (usually a charity or fund is listed here,) the mourner is instructed to do an act of kindness.

What a wonderful idea. In celebrating the departed, we can make the world a little happier. I am telling my family this is what I want the final sentence to say when my death is announced to the world. Amen!

WENDY: I just had to pass this along. I love the thought of Paying it Forward -- and what better time to honor someone and ask mourners to be kind to others! Just love it!

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