Writing Help if you Hate Writing

Do you hate writing but want to share your ideas on a blog?

Oddly enough, there is writing help where you don't have to write at all. You can own a blog and all the content on it is written by others... yep really.

Paid Writers who Write for You

Paid Writers is the most obvious solution. This is another way to get content for your blogs... heck $25 will get you 5 articles on fiverr.com, right? 

You can hire writers from fiverr.com (or you can BE the writer). Be specific on exactly what you are looking for and ask for edits if necessary.

Buy packages of articles through PLR
(private label rights)

You can buy packages of articles on your niche topic. You edit a bit to make them YOURS, and post! Done! 

Please don't use PLR as is... you must add your voice, personal experiences and whatever is necessary to  make it yours.

PLR is done for you content, no more thinking about new ideas, they are there ready for you. Don't be lazy and use as is or your site will not be popular, it will sound like all the rest, it must be YOU speaking. Add examples from real life and make them personally interesting to your reader.  PLR can be used as articles, but also as books, videos and so much more!

PLR.Me has monthly downloads of self-help PLR articles!

Piggy Makes Bank has lots of articles on a variety of topics... and even has some free packages at the bottom of the page!

Pretty cool, huh?