Year of Indecision --
Retire or not?

by Linda

Can't decide what to do about retirement. The economy is so iffy I am frozen about doing anything. I Will be 65 this year. Have worked at the same place for 36 years. It' a hard decision...

Wendy: Been there, done that! Linda, it IS a hard (and life-changing) decision! It is!

I also had 36 years with local government, worried about the retirement decision for a full five years, and the oddest thing about that -- I WAS THE RETIREMENT MANAGER by occupation! Helping others through their decision, daily, but couldn't quite walk out that door myself.... grin!

Having said that, I retired in April 2010... almost two years and loving every minute. Quite honestly, I really really really DO!

Feel free to comment below, if you'd like a bit of help... I can't make the decision but I can share my two cents... Just give you ideas to consider - both financially and about retired life.

-- Do you have hobbies to pursue after you retire?

-- Could you possibly work part-time (a few days a week) instead of completely retiring? Many employers will try this in today's economy!

-- Financially, do you have a pension (monthly pension or savings acct) plus Social Security? OR Social Security alone?

-- If money might be tight, consider your living expenses. Live in an apartment and your expenses are less. Living in a home with mortgage, lots to consider.

As you can see, many variables and no two retirements are the same! but you CAN do this! Just think it out first.. make a plan!

READ this website, browse categories to the left.. it's all there! Plus the bottoms of many pages, you'll see the retirees who have contributed to the site, read their words and thoughts on the many aspects of retirement!

Best Wishes!!

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Retire or not?

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by: Linda

Thanks to everyone for their comments on my dilemma. I still haven't decided. I thought I was doing everything right, but you know life and how it can throw a foul ball at you. Guess I will just stay working for now. Maybe the day will come when I know that retirement is right for me.

Wendy: Linda, I hope you read Gordon's comment that I moved.. it's here:
Life Begins at Retirement.

You'll know when you are ready.. it will suddenly HIT you and you'll walk out that door!

Best Wishes!

Life Begins at Retirement.
by: Gordon Kinghorn

I have now officially retired....

Gordon: I have moved this "comment", exactly as is, to it's own page so that others can comment on your page.

Thanks for the submission... really thoughtful!


by: Anonymous

Don't retired until you are sure of what you can do with your time. I suggest that you find a place that seriously needs a person with experience to keep records or to do transportation etc. then you will feel useful and that is a great asset as you age. At 98, my husband still volunteers, although without a driving license he is somewhat limited.

Wendy Just had to bold that statement above -- still volunteering at 98!? Big WOW!

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