You say SPRING?


Well here in the Midwest as both Wendy and I find ourselves living in, the definition of that term can be fooling to say the LEAST!

Over the last several days we have been experiencing 80 plus degree days, in fact on Thursday we broke a record and it reached EIGHTY THREE DEGREES,some 25 degrees above normal for this time of year,go figure that!

Tonite they are predicting a mixture of snow and rain. Well, Midwest living I guess it should not suprise me.

As I have gotten older these swings in temps.kind of rattle my bones.

Mother Nature lures me into shorts and gardening tasks and golf and then BOOM, she lets me have it, will I NEVER learn of her cunning ways?

I was VERY tempted to purchase some plantings for the summer season, BUT had second thoughts when I heard of the forecast for most of the coming week....UGH!

I normally start purchasing my summer plantings around the first of May. in this part of the country they suggest to wait until Mothers day, I CAN NEVER WAIT and have been burned by"Mother" a number of times. Of course IF I wait oftentimes the selections are diminished.

Oh well, just thought that I would share some ramblings of what spring has in store for us here in the Midwest. SPRING, STILL my favorite time of year for new beginnings and the anticipation of a summer of color, natures palette!

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Apr 30, 2023
by: Anonymous

First, Wendy - so very sorry about your husband. Life is full of challenges for us...always. I hope he recovers

And as for spring, buy the plants but keep them in the garage or a cool porch. check with your local cooperative extension or reputable garden store to determine the earliest planting.

This way, you will still get a good selection but can keep them safe in our garage or porch until Mother Nature gives you permission. I love gardening too!!

Apr 29, 2023
Early spring planting
by: Sherry/NC

I live in warm NC and the weather can fool us. Some years at Easter time it can be warm or rainy and chilly.

Our planting season starts April 15, but when it gets warmer sooner which it did this spring, I also want to go out and buy flowers and plant them in my yard and have to remind myself to wait. The azaleas in southeastern NC bloomed in the
middle of March this year. NC can have a freeze all the way to April 15. The plants can be covered of course, but I have to remind myself to do this.

Wendy having pots of plants on your deck for your convalescent husband is so considerate of you. I hope he enjoys the plants as he sits and watches nature all around him! Take good care.

Apr 29, 2023
Don't Plant Early!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Don't do it Ricardo! We always wait until Memorial Day to plant.

This year, husband is healing from heart surgery (what a shocker that was) so I am making a garden in pots on the back deck. He can walk out there, sit and play with his plants, and keep safe until he can move about better.

Thanks for posting!!

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