Your Body: The Processing Plant

by Ricado

Have you ever thought about your body and what it does?

The human heart acts as a pump and pumps our liquid energy,our blood,24/7 for what, eighty or ninety years without fail. Try to build a mechanical pump to do the same.....I don't think so!

Our lungs process the air we breath into life sustaining oxygen that is vital to our well being.

Our kidneys act as a filtration plant cleansing our blood.

Our stomachs break down the foods we consume into vital energy.

Our brains process our thoughts and act as VERY complicated computer systems with memories lasting perhaps one hundred years!

Our reproductive systems produce life itself.

Our skin, which is the largest organ in the human body acts as protection for our muscle system.

Our rib cage and skeletal system protects our vital organs and supports our bodies.

The senses of sight, sound and smell also play a unique roll in our overall well being.

We are all different individuals, yet, the same. We all have these "Processing Plants" that we call the human do we and how SHOULD we care for them?

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