Aging and Sleep Matter!

Aging and Sleep Matter!

Does anxiety cause insomnia?  You can pick up my report on Anxiety and Insomnia Report here.

Sleep is important, but often elusive as we age. What the heck happens to make sleeping at night so difficult?

If you are like other seniors who have issues with sleep, Join us! I am adding a variety of sleep pages and sleep ebooks/reports to help with all different sleep issues. 

Who knows -- maybe just maybe you'll start to sleep better, then you can join the Morning Makeover to take your days a step further!

Learn more about sleep to improve your days AND your health!

  • How much sleep do you need?
  • How can you fall asleep faster?
  • Are you getting the best sleep you need?
  • Do  you have a sleep disorder?

Register Here: Sleep Sweet Sleep workshop & Retirement Insider Newsltr!

If you join the Sleep Sweet Sleep email workshop, I do hope you will use the materials provided!

I am looking for retirees to take action. Reading is not enough, you must act upon things that "sing" to you. You'll know when something feels right, and IF that something doesn't work out, pick another action to take! 

Let's Do This!

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Workshop Outline:

Week 1:

Your Biological Clock and sleep, Why our Mind and Body need sleep, Health Consequences, How to Make Sleep a Priority

Week 2: 

How much sleep do you need? Stages of sleep, Anatomy of Sleeping Mind, Impove Sleep, How Good Sleep improves Focus and Concentration

Week 3: 

Sleep Deprivation, Serious Consequences of Same, How Anxiety & Stress Affects Sleep, Sleep & Depression, Sleep Disorders, Sleep & Alzheimers

Week 4:

Negatives of Naps,  Natural Sleep Environment (herbs/oils), bedroom light/blue light, Foods for Sleep, Sleeping Pills, Sleep Rituals/ Optimal Sleep Environment,

The End!

Yes, four weeks, five days each week -- but I need to do this right or not at all. I am attempting to shorten it now... maybe 10 days. We shall see.

One page a day, that's all -- and if you read the topic and  it doesn't apply -- simply don't click that day! Right?

If I provide an ebook, it will sit on your computer, unused. No, I prefer to feed you a page a day in the high hopes that you will take action, small steps, to get your best sleep in your retirement years!

Take Action - Improve Your Sleep!