Anxiety before retirement

by Joe Parenti
(Plainfield, Il.)

I have seen that there are only a few posts about anxiety before retirement. I have another one..

I am 62, going to be 63 in March. I work for a municipality in the suburbs of Chicago. I am coming off of my 3rd surgery from a work related injury, one of my reasons for retiring. I have been employed there for 27 years, this May.

I am posting this because I seek some help, trying to find out if this anger I have is just due to retiring. My family and I had an "intervention" last night, I truly thank them for that.

I believe that the anger that is triggered at the drop of a hat, is mostly job related. Since the new administration has taken over, we as the the workers have to put a lot of our effort in to taking defense on just getting what is rightfully ours; i.e.vacation time, sick pay etc...

Really what I am posting about is help to see if anyone has gone through something that has had something similar happen to them...

Wendy: Whoops.. Joe, I just answered you here: workplace stress and retirement. Thats ok, you'll get feedback both places...

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Anxiety trying to decide
by: Codybearking

I have been teaching high school for 34 years--I think the new principle is trying to get rid of me also. I had no plan time and had to travel between 2 schools while my upper level courses were cut. Same schedule this year.

As much as I dont want to start back in a few days--I can't seem to make myself go to the office and turn in my paperwork. I hate getting up early and splitting schools--still love the students--don't know what to do--have to decide soon--in a day or two.

Don't know what to do. --haven't had but one or two conversations with principle since he came--so discussion of part time would never fly--also feel like they are our to get you with evaluation--- please help...

Thanks for your thoughts
by: Joe

I appreciate your comments and your experiences. It is nice to see that first of all, I am not alone here in this situation.

I have very much calmed down some after having the "Intervention" with my family, but I do have to mention, the fight does continue with my employer, but I am continuing with this until my have my benefits all straightened out.

But, once again thank you for your support.....

One year into the next chapters of my life
by: Carol

Joe, I don't have the health problems that you do but I was slipping into depression and anxiety prior to retirement. My boss forced me out 2 years before I wanted to leave.

In my exit interview with HR, I listed dates and harrassment (age-related) and the next day, my last, my boss could just about form a sentence to say goodbye. So much for confidentality in HR exit interviews. Heck, I figured that before I did the interview.

Prior to the interview, I outlined in writing what I was going to stress (phone interview) so I would not become nervous.

I think your concern over anxiety and depression is more common than we know. I got 2 penpals from this website and both helped me through the pre-retirement anxiety and to date we continue to email each other.

Throughout this year I went through all the stages associated with major life changes, the anger, the guilt (why didn't I do whatever when younger stuff), boredom, and just now I am coming out on the better side of retirement.

I don't like the word - retirement - "next chapter of life" sounds better to me. Folks told me it would take a year to appreciate not going to the daily grind. They are right on.

I still have to give myself permission to relax, to slow down and to enjoy this new freedom. Will the anxiety, money worries, etc be gone, No. I have to learn to take a deep breath, discuss the problem with family, and find a solution.

Joe, I suggest you do not stay inside all the time, the walls will close in. Try to go outside for an least one hour a day. It really helps, go for a cup of coffee, a walk, sit on the porch. That's my two cents.

Ah, Freedom to sleep-in, stay up late, and enjoy each day for what it brings my way. And now I am my own boss!

Retirement Anxiety
by: Denny

It truly sucks to have to fight for your rights from an employer that perhaps you thought of as almost family after so many years. The retiring process is hard enough to deal with without adding that to the pile.

I retired last March from a city bus driving job after suffering an aggravating neck injury.

Prior to that, the job itself was stressful enough without adding the prospect of having to retire with all the uncertainties that come with that, less money, potential boredom, less social contact, etcetera.

I was feeling as though someone had opened the gate to the pasture and said "get in ya old fart! You go rest now, we'll take care of things from here."

So what the hell does a person do now that you are relegated to the pasture?

I can tell you this with great certainty. It gets better, much better.

The process for me, (a major change in a person's life no different than an event such as marriage, divorce or a death) although still ongoing I'm sure, has brought me through anger, confusion, and self pity to acceptance and contentment.

I'm grateful to be rid of the constant stresses of work churning away in my belly, not having to get up at the crack of dawn to join an annoying commute to work, having the freedom to do whatever I please when I feel like it, being entirely surprised at how much less money I spend because I don't have to go to work, having more quality time to spend with family, and leisurely time to putter around the house instead of trying to fix everything on a weekend because you gotta go back to work on Monday, which adds more stress to the pile.

I will tell you sir, that retirement has been the greatest blessing for me. I have not felt so peaceful in many, many years.

It does get better, I promise you!

anger : comment for Joe
by: Joy

Joe, I retired after teaching for 39 years. I had a second bout with cancer and though not happy about that, it took me out of a job that was nearly killing me, as in what it had become. You know about public schools today.

But anger I can understand. I had always been well respected as a teacher, gotten every teaching job I had applied for and loved my work.

The last 2 years I taught were made somewhat miserable because of my new principal. He was probably a sick man, young guy, and had a list of teachers to GET. I was on that list.( age related I feel.) Never in my teaching career had I been treated so badly or disrespectfully.

We have no unions here in the south for teachers, but there was not much I could do. Sadly for him he did something very inappropriate and lost his job. I left teaching that same year.

I think maybe this anger is telling you it is time to go. Even though I am not adjusting to retirement quite yet, with some anxiety and depression, due to loss of old self- Russian history guru, :) I would not take a day back at my job for anything. I knew my last day it was time to go.

I think 27 years at your job, surgery and having to fight for workers rights could be a combination for some anger. Hope the intervention works.

Yeah that you have folks who care enough to do that for you. Just a thought.

Keep us posted and good luck!

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