Yolanda Carr, 63 yrs. old, Philippines

by Yolanda Carr
(Davao City, Philippines)

Me and my son, Holiday in Phuket, Thailand

Me and my son, Holiday in Phuket, Thailand

Hi Everyone. I am not actually retired yet. I am still working in a Bank but I am eligible for retirement and will do so in the next few months. I love to travel which I do pretty much during my vacation leave from work. I do like to meet some friends from other countries. I love dancing and reading magazines. I sometimes go to the beach especially during warm days. My email ad is erlindacarr -at- yahoo.com.

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Judy Wright, 67, Indianapolis, IN, USA

by Judy
(Indianapolis, IN USA)

Dear pen pal to be,
My name is Judy Wright. My age is 67, and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

When I was young, I had a pen pal from the Lincolnshire area. We were pen pals for many years, and we were young and loved Elvis. Now, I am (!) old and still love Elvis.

I have always had this yearning to come to England. My Family is from there, so it must be in the blood, huh? Maybe, hopefully, I will be able to fly over someday.

Right out of high school, I was employed by Eli Lilly and Company. It a pharmaceutical company. At that time it was family owned, and the company felt like a family.

I was married at the age of 20, for 24 years, no children(very unfortunate). I raised dogs; Samoyeds. We used to show, and participate in obedience. It was a great time. Now, I am retired, in 1993. I am busy with yard work, and I still have two dogs. One a Laborador Retriever and an English Springer Spaniel. I'm sure I will tell you more about them if you contact me. I love to cook and most of all bake. I love to play cards, listen to music (be it classical, Elvis, I like some country, Elton John,etc.)

I'm really not a very interesting person, but I have fun and live life. I am only interested in a woman, from England, Scotland, and only A FRIEND. NO SEX

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Judy - 63 - Florida

by Judy

I am married and have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. My husband and I have been married going on 24 years and this is the second marriage for both of us. We met in dance classes in the early 80s.

My hobbies are genealogy and photography, which is limited to family photos mostly. I collect Southern Living Hard cover cookbooks and shot glasses.

Since I am at home most of the time, I watch lots of tv and I like football, a lot!

I am looking for email pals, women only please and no prisoners.

If you think you would like a sincere new friend, please write to me at jw1947 at juno.com

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Jacqueline Battle , USA, Brooklyn, New York

by Jacqueline Battle
(Brooklyn, New York )

Dear Pen Pal,
I do not know what to write but would be so glad doing so. I am a woman african american 60 years old who had to retired due to being laid off and illness. But to be honest I would have worked the two years more to get unemployment but life is such that it did not happen.

I will be only too happy to write back to someone when they write me. I do not have a camera so I cannot put pictures up. But hope to hear from you soon.

I love reading when possible bit sick now , like poetry, even Shakespeare because that is how I started. I have worked as a elementary special education teacher and the last job with the state as a job program specialist. That is someone who helps others get jobs. I am a people person so I loved both of these jobs. But life changes...



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Deborah, 63, South Carolina

I live in South Carolina,just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. I retired from teaching in 2005 and was widowed 3 years later. Since then I've been on my own journey to see what life still has in store.

I have 2 dogs, 2 birds, some very good friends and I love learning about other people, other places, history and pretty much everything.

dbarnowl .at. gmail.com

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Senior Pen Pal: love to correspond

by alphonsa
(malaysiaI )

Hi everyone I am looking forward for replies from you all soon .Tq I am 62 years young ,a widow with 2 children (young adults)retiree but found a job in a small office.Looking for senior penpals from anywhere except Malaysia,Singapore . I do cross stitch,gardening,trying and cooking new receipes and listening to songs.(11/8/2011)

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Lucy Ann 76 Beverly Hills FL

Hi everyone out there who likes to penfriending. I would be so pleased so share with you my everyday events and extraordinary experiences. I like to read, play games on the computer, volunteer, do crafts and just keep busy.

e-mail me at LAWines at tampabay.rr.com

Hope you have my mailbox filled with replies.

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Joanne, 61, PA

by Joanne Roesner
(Bellefonte, PA, USA)

I was interested in pen pals some time ago, but because life got in the way, I was unable to answer the ladies that wrote to me. I would like to hear from you again. Please give me another chance.

My interests are beading, reading, cooking, volunteering, crocheting and animals. I have a pet cat. I collect stamps and especially like lighthouse stamps or anything lighthouse.

I was interested in writing to Shay 69 Big Island-Hawaii and New Widow:Eula Surrell in today's pen pal ads but couldn't find their email addresses.

Speaking of which, mine is
jr12550- at- hotmaildotcom

I am also a new widow trying to move on in life.
Best wishes to all!


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Jean, I'm 75. I live in California

by Jean
(San Jose CA)

Hi my name is Jean. I love to get E-mails from penpals! I've been married for 45 years, and have one son. I love to walk with my Yorkie, read, go to church, and go to lunch with friends. I live in California close to San Francisco. We have two cats from hell! What one can't think to do the other one does!

Would love to hear from male/female.

My address is kitkat1936 at comcast.net

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Gwen, 76 UK

Hello, is there anyone out there who would like to correspond by email?

I am a widow and need penfriends by email. Have a daughter 4 hours away and do not see her very often, although there is email and telephone.

I have a cat with renal failure and trying my best to keep her with me with the Vet's help.

I live in a bungalow with a large garden back and front. Have a car but not too many places to go.

I enjoy reading, t.v. gardening, and typing on the keyboard.

I will enlarge on my interests if there is someone who is interested.

gwen.reed .at. mypostoffice.co.uk

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Sharon, 67, Phoenix, Arizona

I am a married 67 year old lady looking for other senior lady pen pals to share life experiences with.

My primary home is in Bend, Oregon but my husband and I bought a business in Arizona so are living here now. We hope to retire from the business and return to Oregon someday soon.

I used to live in Alaska and on a ranch in Wyoming, so I love the outdoors, fishing and target shooting. Can't find many ladies interested in that.

But I also love reading, gardening, travel and animals. I have traveled quite a bit in Asia and Central America.

I love Cocker Spaniels too. Just lost my Molly who was 11 years old.

Hope to hear from some other pen pal ladies across the country.


xcowgirltoo48 .at. msn.com

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Carol McIntyre -- 67 -- Florida

by Carol


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I lost my husband in Feb. 2011. It was a very sad time. We were married for 44 years, and dated 2 years before then.

We have 3 children. Everything is so new to me, simply little things seems so hard now.

But all I can do is to put one feet in front of the other and step into each day now without him.

Would love to hear from someone, I don't do much but go to church and I love to collect odd and antique things.

I write poetry and short stories, and I keep a journal that has been helpful. Would love to hear how widows have faced there life without their spouse.

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Gloria. 70. Victoria Australia

by gloria
(Blackburn Vic. Australia)

I am a retired secondary school teacher, recently widowed so looking forward to finding an email pen pal.

My interests are all things art related as well as reading,and home decorating. Love going to art exhibitions and have sold paintings of wild life birds and animals. I have started to paint abstracts to suit my new town house.

Life is rather lonely without my partner so look forward to replies from Australia and overseas.

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Pattc , age 60, griffin, georgia , usa.

by pat
(griffin, ga)

Hello everybody.
I think it is great to talk about the old days. I was a rock and roller. I loved Elvis, Little Richard, I loved watching the Dick Clark show. Had to see who was with who everyday.

I loved my record player, my transistor radio
which I could only get one station. At night
I could only get one station so far away it was
mostly static.

I remember the stroll, the the stomp, the skating

Oh, the hot rod cars, there will never be another
time in history like our hot rods and drags. The
black 55 chevy was the greatest.

pcarter1 -st- bellsouth.net

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New Widow: Sheila 69 Florida

I recently became a widow and am looking for new friends. This was my second marriage and we were together 20 years. He was the love of my life and I really miss him but am trying to get on with my life.

I like to cook and still continue to do so even though it is only for me. I like to read, especially romance novels. I play bingo twice a week and enjoy the game and being with other people.

I am a big animal lover. At the present time I have 2 dogs - a poodle and a cocker mix (with 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye). I also have an inside cat (part Siamese with blue eyes) and an outside cat who adopted me (and vice versa) when someone abandoned her. All my animals are and have been rescued.

I recently got a new computer and enjoy playing games, etc. I used to collect clowns and still have a large collection although I haven't bought any new ones recently. I enjoy taping my favorite programs on my DVR and then watching them at my leisure. I have been retired for 5 years and live in a retirement community near Ft Lauderdale.

email address: SJoeshe at att.net

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Antoinette from Calgary Alberta Canada.

by Antoinette
(Calgary AB. Canada)

Hallo Everybody. This is my second attempt to find some nice Pen Pals. I have responded to ads but no replys. I am 70 years old and now retired. I am finding great satisfaction in volunteer work and giving back to the comunity. My interests are varied and include history, reading, travel and good meaningful conversation . I have one single daughter who is also my best friend. No grandchildren.

So, is there anyone who would like to write to me? All the Best to all of you Antoinette.

e-mail abenneke .at. telus.net

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Howard Alxander 65 Florida, USA

by Howard Alexander
(Ft. alauderdale Fl. USA)

Single looking for friendship please write.
I love the outdoors and walks on the beach.

oldscout1 .at. yahoo.com

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Doris, 61, live in Cailif.

by Doris

Looking for new friends, just out of relationship, it gets lonely.

I like to go on walks with my dog, go for rides or to the movies and I like to garden the weather has been so crazzy the plants don't know what to do.

E-mail me at little-d5663 at sbcglobal.net

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Linda B Age 54 Michigan

Hello, I may literally live in Michigan but New York in my mind. I enjoy the arts, intrigue, reading, writing and getting to know people with something to say.

I can be a very black and white thinker but I'm also known for listening to other people's views and perspectives. I get along with anyone who is mostly positive and upbeat (maybe not sickly sweet positive - we all do have issues.)

I do tend to draw people who need someone to listen to them but I may not have any answers. Just a hug or understanding with a mix of pulling you up by your boots straps if that's what you need.

If I write or someone writes to me, I like to keep it interesting, even bordering on fantasy. I have a door in my mind that I never get to open. If you love to write, read or think outside the box, I'm sure we could have a wonderful time talking. If it's all about the weather, unless it's raining cats or dogs, we may run out of things to say within the first few letters.

I love a good challenge or someone who is clever and "gets it." Please feel free to write, man or woman but please be a senior so we have life experiences to talk about.

Thanks and have a great day!

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Dilipkumar ,Age 70, New Jersey

by Dilip
(New jersey)

This is Dilipkumar. I am originally from India but have become usa citizen. I am retired but do part time work to stay busy. My aim is to stay as healthy as possible to enjoy life as long as possible.

Hobbies include gardening and tropical fishes but alas my aquarium crashed a few months ago and had a hard time cleaning up. Go to the gym regularly. Like cooking and trying out new dishes and inviting friends over to taste them.

My hydrabadi biriyani will blow you away and you will want more and more.

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Georgina 73 years of age Australia

I live in a small town in Queensland with my husband a corgi and Cornish Rex cat. Am originally from South Wales but have lived in Aussie since 1970 enjoy reading, craft and various other hobbies

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Cathy, 72, Ontario, Canada

by Cathy

Hi there, my name is Cathy, 72 years old, married and have a small Shih Tzu called Bandit. My interest are of course my computer - I make my own greeting cards for family and friends with a little help from a card site. I also belong to Pogo Games and spend quite a few hours playing different games.

We both like to garden but I am only able to supervise now lol...

I love to read and pick out many books from the Library. Just finished "The Murder of King Tut" by James Patterson. A bit different from his other books.

It would be so nice to hear from people from other countries and discuss our differences, family and exchange news. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Cathy

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Lionel, I am 77 years old. I live in Sun City, California

by Lionel
(Sun City California)

I am a black male in great shape and I conduct an exercise class once a week at senior apartment where I live. It would be so nice to find a female from fifty to eighty as a pen pal. I keep busy, writing songs (I had a hit record back in 1965.) and I have written several novels. I am starting all over after caring for my father.

A lady friends would be a bright light in my life. It would be a real plus to chat with someone who lives in this area. I also love to read and recently I read, "Even if we don't think about it we all collect something). Food for thought......

I tried and tried but I do not know how to up load pictures of me....... SOME KIND LADY.... HELP ME.... PLEASE....lol

I know I placed 2 pic of me in Verizon's My album.

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Zenobia Age 63 Brooklyn Center MN

by Zenobia
(Brooklyn Center MN)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Zenobia.

I am a widowed lady living in Minnesota, but I am originally from Chicago Illinois. I am a writer/author and love to sketch and draw. I love collecting and listening to audio books and old time radio on CD's and tapes. Among my other collections are vintage toys, books and teddy bears ( not all vintage on the bears, just a few...others are Boyd's Bears).

I am currently working on my third book. My other two are Inspirational Fiction and the new one is Non-Fiction about myself, a little black girl growing up her first few years in predominately Jewish communities. I have had a lovely and interesting life and it continues to be so.

I am mother to four children now. Two are deceased. I have thirteen grandchildren.

I will correspond with either male or female and my email address is-

ZisSAVED -at- aol.com

Thank you

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trudy, 60 yr old, south dakota

by trudy
(south dakota)

single, white female, nurse for 35 yrs. looking to retire, trying to start new business-hunting lodge
like the outdoors

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kathleen bradshaw, 70 raleigh, n.c., USA

Hi Everyone,

I'm a 70 year old widow with two married children and one grandchild. Although I was born and raised in N.Y.. have lived here in sunny Raleigh for the last 6 years.

I like to dance..love all sorts of music from Classical to Brazilian. I enjoy thoughtful movies..HBO..NPR..documentaries and poetry. I like to cook..exercise three times weekly and find rainy days comforting. I watch sports.. mostly football..tennis matches and basketball. My friends would say I was smart..funny..compassionate and sometimes stubborn.

Would love to hear from you. kb3658 at gmail.com

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Catherine G., 51, Ontario, Canada

by Catherine G
(Ontario, Canada)

I would love to chat with both men and women from around the world who are similar in characteristic traits, interests and age as myself. I've tried other pen pal sites and found them unsatisfying because it was difficult to find people from my own era in which we would have similar backgrounds, and so I'm now trying this website in hopes of finding pen pals in which to chat with since I'm now a senior myself. (Where does the time go!)

I find it great that technology allows us to be able to instantly chat with someone anywhere in the world, whereas in the old days we had to write back and forth to a pen pal which took up to weeks to receive a letter and the news was outdated by the time you received your mail! Instantly connecting with people online and chatting in real time is much more satisfying.

Personality wise I would say that I am upbeat, caring intelligent, honest and inquisitive. I like to learn about different people, cultures, places and things. I possess a wry, sometimes off-the-wall sense of humour which usually comes out after chatting with me for a bit, but it's always with a twinkle in my eye.

My interests and hobbies are wide-ranging. I enjoy travelling, reading, tea houses/rooms for high tea, theatre/movies, scenic drives, logic puzzles, pets, reading, art appreciation, museums, festivals, alfresco dining, computers, being near water, historical sites, antiques and of course meeting and chatting with people. I especially like refinishing furniture and have been doing this for years.

I would very much like to hear from people who would like to chat online to get to know one another and hopefully in time we can become long-distance good friends.

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Millie 55, live in Queens NY.

by Millie Corres

Anyone interested in writing the old fashion way... through mail. I truly love my computer but there is an anticipation to writing letters. Everything is computers and text...text...text.... I still enjoy sending cards through mail. Sending letters and pictures. True through email is faster but I guess I'm old fashion in this modern world.

Recently widowed.. going through a lot of feelings that are difficult to manage. Having a hard time getting back to work and on track. I've enclosed my info to correspond.

Sincerely, Millie

WENDY: I deleted Millie's postal address from this ad online, however, I will personally send it to whomever wants to write via snail mail.. keeps it a bit safer.

Also, I do Snail Mail Pen Pals on another site - click to visit: Friendship-By-Mail.com. Enjoy!!

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Lilli Marlane Age 64 PA

(Pittsburgh, PA)

Hi -- I'm getting ready for the big step -- Medicare, and could use some advice. I'm retired, a collector of all things Lincoln (the man, not the car), and would be happy to hear from anyone out there who would like to chat. My email is Josanfran ,at, yahoo.com.

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Shay 69 Big Island Hawaii


Looking to turn on my computer and see "you have mail"....

I live in a rainforest on the Big Island of Hawaii near Kileau Volcano. My 7 dogs and 2 cats have a wonderful life together but I now am ready to chat thru emails with a two legged. I do lean towards being a recluse. Retired (of course) pet groomer.

I am painfully honest and expect that from others.... nothing worse than receiving words that do not match behavior!! Love a good book about other cultures.... being forced into one of those ereaders or whatever they are called as all bookstores have been closed on this island. Nothing better than opening a new book and holding it in your hands... hmmmm truly am feeling like a cave women with these new fangled inventions... hhahaha

I love a good laugh and a sense of humor will definitely catch my attention. Been on the island over 25 years so am definitely 'local'.

I love to play MahJong. I do not like "eldery/senior center"...

Let's talk story.

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Rosy 65 Martinque French West Indies

by Rosy
(Martinque French West Indies)

French lady, was a teacher of English back in France and later in Martinique (Caribbean). Miss practising the language, would like to exchange ideas and why not visits with a native English speaking person, wherever he or she lives.

I am a very active, dynamic senior, my hobbies include swimming, kayaking, hiking, cats, painting (watercolours), reading, cooking and much more!

I'll be happy to write back to anyone interested.
So long!
Rosy -- roselyne.dibdenm ast wanadoo.fr

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kathleen bradshaw 70 raleigh nc

Hello Everyone! I'm a 70 year old widow with two married children and one grandchild. Although I was born and raised in N.Y... moved to Raleigh 5 years ago.

I like to dance and currently about to take Salsa lessons. I enjoy healthy cooking.. exercise three times a week and walking my dog Noodles. I have a sense of humor.. intelligent.. compassionate.. and sometimes stubborn. I love all sorts of music.. poetry.. HBO.. and thoughtful movies. I especially love rainy days.

I would like to hear from anyone who thinks we have enough in common to form a friendship..

My email address is kb3658 at- gmail.com

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Dennis 61 Miami, Florida USA

hi... just got back from traveling and exploring in the American West... son is going to university in Washington State.... enjoyed all the museums (big and small) especially the people we met in small towns trying to keep the history and traditions alive .... hiked... fished and hit every trading post and antique store we could looking for that one treasure... found a WWII machete used in the Philippines!!!

love to find old books (I have taught for the last 23 years)... found an old Churchill and one on Spinoza (Philosophy).... run/bike daily.... would enjoy communicating with all who have a different life than i or live far from South Florida.... thinking about getting a motorcycle.... stay well....

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Ron B./58yrs/W. Illinois

by Ron
(Quad Cities)

Hello, first time here looking around. Work through the week delivering building material. Care for my disabled wife.

Not alot of spare time but not much meaningful interaction with others it seems. Maybe can find a few interested souls here to visit with as we can time to time.

Listen to alot of radio and WAY TOO MUCH politics but interested in the machinations of how our government does or does not function.

I'm way behind the technology curve in keeping up with computers and all the latest in that field. Maybe can learn from someone to upgrade.

Try to be mindful of a healthy lifestyle if not near enough excersize in what we eat. Don't smoke, drink some.

So we'll see how it goes. Thank you for reading this. Take Care, Ron

email: enz_rob at webtv.net

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Esme, 59, South Africa

by Esme
(South Africa)

I am a christian lady, semi-working from home. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I enjoy walking, nature,visiting historical sites, reading, knitting and gardening.
I enjoy watching some old movies, dramas, crime thrillers (not violence), historical and nature programmes.

Reading - I enjoy christian growth, health, fiction, nature, crafts and cookery.

If would be wonderful if you would like to correspond with me :
e-mail address:

uniqueinstallations at vodamail.co.za

Have made the address with - at - so no complications with spam mail.

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Martha,75,calif. usa

by martha
(calif. usa)

I am looking for a few women to travel to England with me and also for pen pals in the US. I am also looking for England pen pals.

If you are fairly easy going, honest, have a sense of humor and like to discover new things, either about people, places or what goes on in other people's lives, please write. It would be fun to get to know you.

Due to my husband's health, I don't get out much.I love to read, meet with friends, volunteer and play with my little dog.

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Mary 61 US

by Mary

Hello, I am a retired nurse. would love to communicate with other retirees. Have traveled a lot. Would love to have friendship with people from other countries I visited, European countries in particular or anywhere in this beautiful world of ours.

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by helen wild
(montrose co.)



I would enjoy hearing from anyone close to my age.

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Judy - 63 - Florida

by Judy

I am a retired lady looking for ladies ONLY and would like to talk about daily life, kids, grandkids, and life in general. I am looking for ladies that want pretty much the same. I will email more than once a day of you want me to.

I am happily married, have 2 children, and 3 grandchildren.

I collect shot glasses and Southern Living cookbooks, I like movies, but prefer to watch them in the comfort of my own home. I have several favorite tv shows. I am a big football fan and spend way too much time watching it. I enjoy history documentaries, documentaries in general, anything to do with ghosts and the paranormal, genealogy, and other things.

I am on dial-up service, so plain text messages only please. No photos, vidoes, greeting cards, etc., They lock up my computer and makes me very unhappy. :)

If you think you would like a good friend. Please write.


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Sandy Cavoulas 70 Olympia, WA

by Sandy Cavoulas
(Olympia, WA)

Hi! I am retired, a widow of six years and live in a Senior Community. Grew up in San Diego, lived in Hawaii for 20 + years and miss the Islands. I am not disabled, Love walking the trails, Love kitty cats, fine dinning, and talk radio. Going back to a part time job hopefully. Love to hear from others but not interested in any romance.

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Susan - age 56 - England

I'm looking for female postal penfriends of around my own age - no men, please.

My hobbies & interests include:- reading, writing letters, collecting china dog ornaments, collecting cacti and keeping tropical fish. I took early retirement at the end of December 2010 from my clerical/administrative job.

If you'd like to write to me please send a brief e-mail describing yourself and your interests and we can then exchange postal addresses.

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Deb W, 58, Williamsport,Penna. USA

I live in the home of the little league world series area, which will be starting soon. I enjoy gardening, sewing,puzzles, and yard sales.

I'm on disability after having a lung transplant at UPMC in Pittsburgh PA. I'm had it January of 2009
doing well from that. I have 2dogs and cat who
are all spoiled rotten. Let me hear about you. debw52 -at- yahoo.com

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Jade, 62, Arizona

by Jade
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Hi :-)
I'm looking for nice friends to "chat" with online. 62 years "young", widowed for 11 years, and now retired. (after quitting my job over a year ago) Originally from upstate NY, living in the big city of Phoenix, Az for the past ten years.

I'm a very spiritual person and a Reiki master. My interests are varied. Two awesome best friend dogs, camping, friends, Elvis, teenage grandkids with busy lives, and a lovely daughter who now lives in Spain.

Blessings to all, Jade

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Annie Johnson,72,Memphis Tennessee

I am a widow, my husband died March 27 2010.

We enjoyed going to church and other places. I enjoy watching sports on TV ( basketball). I love to work crossword puzzles,be on the computer,and I am a novice at writing children short stories-none has been published yet.

I have 4 children-three daughters and 1 son,grandmother of 8 and great-grandmother of 6.

I love people,and conversing with people.

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Howie, 72, Charlotte, NC usa

by howard j. silinski
(Charlotte, NC USA)

it's me

it's me

Hi, They call me Howie which is a shortened version of Howard. You see my age, which I am pretty proud of. I say this because of those that never made it far, and think I am pretty lucky. Guess God has some further plans for me.

Originally from New York, then moved to Florida and now back to Charlotte, NC where i had previously lived before moving to Florida.
I am the proud father of 4 boys, who are all graduates of college. They also live in the state of NC.

I am married for the second time. My first marriage lasted for 27 years before it ended. Not by my choice, and it broke my heart. My second marriage has lasted 12 years, but it too is coming to an end.

My wife has developed dementia, and I have watched her mind deteriorate. She no longer knows if we are married, where I live, and at times who I am. It is because of being a caretaker, which is an endless job, that I have lost communications with many other people.

I've always enjoyed chatting on many different subjects and now I find I have no one to do this with. This is the reason I have chosen to try this internet method of finding friends. It would be nice to find a person to chat with every so often.

I would especially like hearing from some nice lady, about my age and who is also looking to make a new friend. I have no idea where a friendship such as this may lead to but then no one ever knows.

My enjoyments are many ranging from being a good shopper, to dance. I like to read, watch TV, having fun, teasing, and I do like most sports. As stated before I also like to talk.

If anyone finds this intro to their liking I'd enjoy hearing from you.

Have a great day and God bless. Howie S.

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Donna ,age 65, Canada

Hi: I would love to meet someone who has a Kenmore embroidery machine, so that we may exchange ideas.

I am an amateur acrylic painter. When I am painting, I am in another world.

My husband has Parkinsons. My life is a busy one.

Would love to talk to an Atlantic Province emailer.


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Karen Fellers, age 71 Nolensville, TN

by Karen
(Nolensville, TN)

Hi, I retired in 2005 from the Girl Scouts and moved
to Nolensville, TN in 2010. Recently divorced and living with my daughter and her husband. I love to read, play on the computer, knit (some) make cards and love to receive mail.

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Lonely senior, Rita, age 80

by Rita

May i ask if any Ladies that could help me by being a very caring pen pal with me, i have pen palled most of my life, i am 80 years old now, still very active, go shopping, walking with my two dogs ect. but i don't have any pen pals right now,i have many things of interest to write about, i would like someone to care and share with, about the good and the bad.

I am all alone, have no family and no relatives at all, i get pretty lonesome on the week ends, and holidays, as it is so quiet around here.

I pray that you have some help in this catagory, please.

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Iris Thornton 90 Yorkshire UK

by Iris

I am seeking male penfriends/email friends from anywhere, who would like to correspond with me. Am widowed, enjoy country life, pets, gardening, animals, Computing, TV documentaries, detective and wildlife films. Have done many crafts in my life. In WAAF's during W.W.2.
Live in Yorkshire,England.

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Sophia, age 54, Malaysia

by Sophia

Single, Still working and enjoy working with my current company. Love to travel and would like to have sincere
and true friendship from senior pen pal.

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I'm a 63 year old widow looking for lots of new friends. Even though I'm really looking to meet people in person to spend my time with, I think pen pals could be cool too. I don't really want to talk about my interests here... as that is what e-mail is for.

joyousc at sbcglobal.net

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jan age 60 lives in sussex uk

hi my name is jan. I've now retired to the country. i'm separated and share a house with a very good friend of mine and my little terrier dog called jimmy.

i love going on walks with jim we go strolling in the country or sometimes find a nice beach so he can get his paws wet.

i enjoy country walks looking for and at wildlfe
reading light stuff maybe a good romance but not too weepy puzzles /wordsearching
painting and decorating then watching a bit of tv
as you can see ive a wide range of hobbies
if i sound interesting enough i would love to hear from you male or female.

heres looking to new friendship's jan
e mail janet215 -at -btinternet.com

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Joseph Kainikkara, 60 years,Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

I am Joseph Kainikkara,an Indian from the beautiful state of Kerala. I graduated in Economics and post-graduated in Political Science. I have worked as a Government Officer, Purchase Manager of a newspaper group and also as a news reporter in Kerala.

I have been working in the Middle East (UAE & Bahrain) for quite some time, first in the Finance Department of U.S. and Japanese MNCs and presently as officer of a large real estate company.

My interests include reading (now limited to news and news analysis only), travel, TV viewing, social, cultural and political activities etc.

I have an unshakable faith in the Almighty but absolutely not religious faith.

My family consists of my wife who is Beautician and Yoga Instructor and a daughter and son. My daughter is an Engineer and the son an Accounts graduate. Both are employed in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Back home, I was actively associated with Pain and Palliative Care Society, Red Cross Society, Consumer Protection Society, Traders' Association and the local politics. I am also into Education Consultancy Service and Ayurvedic Healthcare Tourism marketing.

Now, with the advent of old age and associated ailments and the family not with me, I have been feeling a lot of loneliness and would treasure the friendship of like-minded individuals of either sex

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Ragnar Tjarnstrom, 82, Sweden

by Ragnar Tjarnstrom
(Skelleftea, Sweden)

I am Swedish living in a town near the Arctic Circle. The Gulf Stream makes living quite OK, though.

I am married and have one son. My hobbies are reading history, detective stories, magazines. Walking along the Path of Health running along the nearby river is good exercise.

I hope to hear from people young at heart who would like to tell me about their way of life, experiences .... I certainly would be happy to write about how we enjoy our life in this remote part of the globe.

ragnar.tjarnstrom at skebo.ac

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Bama, 64, Alabama

by Becky

Hi, I'm Bama a retired teacher, who really enjoys her retirement. I like not having to push a time clock and doing things when I want and not when I have to . I lost my husband to cancer 4 years after my retirement and. for once I had nothing to do and no one to care for---that was a big adjustment.

I then kind of tried to discover myself like what I enjoyed and what did I like to do. So I got busy with scrap booking, had time to read books, and got involved with my best friend--my computer. I discovered that a computer can be a lifesaver because i have made so many good friends. I even have my own email group and really enjoy that, we are like one big happy family and have great discussions.

I met someone who lost his wife and now we just take one day at a time, make the most of everyday and have fun sharing our lives with each other. Would really like to hear from people with the same interests who want to become pen pals. Thanks and have a good day, Bama

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Casey, 67 Canada

I am a happily married woman and would like to find women to share family stories and life it's self. I enjoy walking, sewing,dinner parties with friends, playing cards and my red hat group.

Just starting to try visualization & learning about angels or anything else to do with spiritualism.

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Stuart Koenig, 72, Long Island, NY

by Stuart Koenig
(East Northport, NY,USA)

My name is Stu. I live on Long Island,NY. I've lived here most of my life. I'm a retired elementary school teacher who taught for 35 years.

I have many hobbies, chief of which is Nostalgia of the 40's and 50's. I collect many objects from those decades including books, 78rpm records, DVD's of movies and Serials, CD's of old time radio shows,music, etc.

Although I am 72, I look younger. I have been married for 40 years and have two adult children and two grandchildren.

I am a seeking a female penpal, either married or single,with whom to share my interests and chat. My e-mail is stuko at optonline.net

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dolores age 76 from idaho

by dolores

hello out there, I'm a lady who would like to hear from others, I live in the country.. love my flowers and little garden. I have a little thAT thinks i'm just it. Daily, I take care of two others, i like fox news. as i love to keep up with the world happenings.

love to read. love my 6 kids an there familys. but kids today you dont see much of, its just to busy out there in the world, hope to hear from some one

dctlc at sbcglobal.net

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Angie 70 Georgia

by Angeline/Angie

Hi: I am a widow,legally blind so if you would like an ole Georgia peach for a pen pal please use a font/type/text of 16 or 14.

I live in Barnesville, Georgia, born in Georgia and will go feet first in Georgia.

I love NASCAR music from the 40-mid 80 old movies game shows. Just being on line as this is my outlet to the world hope to hear from lots and lots of ya'll soon.

angkeis at att.net

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Joyce Alesius-63 yrs. young-NY USA

by Joyce

Hi, I live in New York (Long Island) and I'm looking for female friends to chat with via email pen pals. I just recently retired - I love dogs (have a female shih tzu) - love to travel - avid reader - much more to talk about!! My email is jbawren2 at hotmail.com . Please drop me a line.

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Ruby, 82 yrs. old, live in Ohio

My name is Ruby and I live in Ohio.
I am an 82 yr. old widow and enjoy answering penpals emails.

I keep busy with walking, reading, working crossword puzzles. I enjoy watching sports on TV, especially baseball. I also enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.

Email me at Rue311 at aol.com

Will look forward to hearing from female or male penpals

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